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Barkev’s Review – Unique Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings & Fine Jewelry

Affiliate Disclosure: As an affiliate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases made through the links on our website.

Barkev’s is a Diamond and gems store. It publicizes with the trademark “made flawlessly”. This recommends that it holds top notch adornments pieces.

The central issue in this Barkevs survey is whether this is only an advert talk, or regardless of whether Barkev’s really hold top notch pieces that are made flawlessly.

Additionally, does the organization offer a wide scope of items to fulfill your determination needs? Shouldn’t something be said about their costs; are their adornments seriously evaluated? On the off chance that the organization has the item quality and valuing, shouldn’t something be said about its administration; does it offer top administrations that you’ll expect of an optimal gems store (like simple requesting, quick conveyance, simple returns, compelling client assistance administrations, great after-deals administration, and so on)?

In any case, is Barkev’s genuine, or is it simply one more trick front?

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Indeed, Barkev’s is genuine. It’s anything but a trick since they won’t ever take your cash or Mastercard subtleties. What’s more, you will get every one of the things you bought from the site without an issue.

This current Barkev’s audit will inspect Barkev’s to give the data that will help you answer these inquiries and the sky is the limit from there.

Barkev’s audit initially


A Los Angeles based adornments store established in 1981 and working on the web since 2004

All items are made in-house, and are specially made

Boats to all US areas and some 240+ nations

Conveyance time is 1 – 3 weeks from date of submitting the request

Acknowledges returns whenever made inside 30 days of the thing shipment date

Offers free transportation and free returns for US orders

Offers a remarkable “Home Try-On” administration, permitting you to evaluate a ring test for as long as 5 days

Client care is accessible through email ([email protected]) and phone (1-800-277-7321)

What is Barkev’s?

Barkev’s says that since 1981 it has been fruitful in the planning and assembling of fine adornments. With the ascent of the web and web based business, Barkev’s needed to join the train; and its site was begun in 2004.

Barkev’s is an America organization having its central command in Los Angeles. Not at all like numerous gems stores that rundown gems from different sources; each piece that you purchase in Barkev’s is specially made, and handmade by their craftsmans at their office.

Is Barkev’s genuine?

With fraudsters everywhere on the web and effectively ripping off clueless people consistently, prior to making any online buy, it’s shrewd to establish that the online store is genuine. This is particularly so where Diamonds are included in light of the critical venture required. Along these lines, the central issue is whether Barkev’s is genuine. The short response to that is YES.

Our first check of a genuine online store is generally lawfulness. This is on the grounds that the stores that are 100% lawful are less inclined to be tricks. Fortunately, Barkev’s marks this crate. The site is worked by an exclusive organization, which is slowly enrolled in the US. At the very least trick stores don’t acquire organization legitimate enlistment endorsements.

Another check of a genuine online store is perceivability and industry-wide acknowledgment. This is on the grounds that the trick stores to a great extent work in the shadows. Fortunately, Barkev’s marks this crate. Because of its working model of handcrafting each item in its base in Los Angeles, it has a strong actual presence.

Likewise, on account of its “Take a stab at home” program (more on this later), the ubiquity of Barkev’s is filling in the Diamond retailing industry. At the very least the trick stores work for all intents and purposes, with no actual presence.

Another check of a genuine online store is the trial of time. This is on the grounds that the trick stores are typically brief. As people are defrauded, the store is uncovered; and with such openness, they close up. Fortunately, Barkev’s breezes through this assessment of time.

It was begun as far back as 1981 and joined the online temporary fad in 2004. All things considered no trick store can keep ripping off individuals utilizing similar front for quite a long time.

Be that as it may, a definitive check of a genuine online store is qualification for reason. In such manner, it implies conveyance genuine and practical pieces to clients when they place orders. There’s no uncertainty that Barkev’s checks this container. Clients who spot orders make certain to get conveyance of genuine items that are beautiful.

All things considered, with Barkev’s being 100% legitimate, having industry-wide acknowledgment, having worked for quite a long time, and continually satisfying requests with genuine and utilitarian items, there is no uncertainty that it is a genuine online Diamond and adornments retailer.

Is Barkevs safe?

Barkev’s is protected. It’s likewise significant that the genuine online store be protected. Security guarantees that the touchy data, (for example, individual data and Visa subtleties) that you share with the store is satisfactorily ensured and not permitted to spill out to unapproved outsiders.

In this respects, Barkev’s says that it is focused on guaranteeing that your data is secure and that it has set up appropriate physical, electronic and administrative systems to protect and get the clients’ information.

Barkev’s doesn’t give the subtleties of these systems, however there’s nothing to propose that they are not adequate in guaranteeing the security of clients’ information. For instance, in one and a half-decade of online activity, there’s been no grumbling of compromised information.


Item Range

You’ll need the best store to offer an immense choice of things with the goal that you can discover what you need. Barkev’s checks this container. The item classification you’ll discover in the Barkev’s menu is as per the following:

Barkev’s Engagement Rings:

Wedding bands – Like most Diamond and adornments organizations, the wedding bands are the absolute most famous results of Barkev’s. In the Engagement Rings classification, the various segments you’ll discover are: Diamond wedding band, Princess Cut Engagement Rings, Rose Gold Engagement Rings, Solitaire Engagement Rings, Halo Engagement Rings, Bridal Sets, Black Diamond Engagement Rings, Cushion Cut Engagement Rings, Sapphire Engagement Rings, Moissanite Engagement Rings, Moissanite Solitaire Engagement, and Rings.

Barkev’s Wedding Rings:

Barkevs ladies Wedding Rings:

Barkevs Men Wedding Rings:

Wedding bands – Men’s wedding rings and ladies’ wedding ring. You’ll discover all of Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, White Gold, Diamond, Black Diamond, and then some.

Barkev’s Fine Jewelry:

Fine Jewelry – Diamond Necklaces, Gemstone Necklaces, Diamond Earrings, Stud Earrings, Halo Stud Earrings, Gemstone Rings, and Diamond Bracelets

Diamond Search – You can likewise purchase free jewels in Barkev’s. You’ll track down all well known jewel shapes – Round, Princess, Asscher, Pear, Cushion, Emerald, Radiant, Marquise, Oval, and Heart.

Lab Grown Diamonds – It’s not news that the way toward mining jewels can have destroying impacts to the climate. In this manner eco-accommodating Diamonds are getting mainstream. They are not quite the same as the regular precious stones; they even have a similar compound organization, with the end goal that even gemologist can’t differentiate them. The solitary contrast is that they are filled in the labs. Barkev’s has an assortment of these lab developed Diamonds, in the 10 mainstream shapes in addition to Vintage Cushion, and Rectangular Vintage Cushion.

Stock Size

The best Diamond and adornments store ought have various items as well as have a huge stock in each item area. It’s an easy decision that you are bound to discover something that you like in the event that you have an enormous pool to browse. In this respects, Barkev’s just about mark the case. It is unquestionably not the business stock pioneer, but rather it has humble numbers in every item segment that will fulfill numerous a customer.

For instance, at the hour of composing this audit, Barkevs had 12,631 free jewels, while their lab developed Diamonds numbered 2,221. This could not hope to compare to industry stock pioneers (like James Allen and Blue Nile) who hold more than 100,000 free jewels each. In any case, the around 12,600 jewels comprise of stones of: 0.18 – 26.20 carat, D – J Color, and SI2 – FL clearness; to such an extent that regardless of your inclination, you’ll discover something that lights up your heart.

To place the somewhat unobtrusive assortment of Barkev’s in context. At the hour of composing this audit, we looked for 1.00-carat Round H VS2 Diamonds and discovered just 7 jewels. Utilizing similar specs, James Allen gave 137 jewels, while Blue Nile gave 84.

Item Quality

Aside from the sort of cash that goes into Diamonds and related gems, they are generally representative. Along these lines, you’ll need only excellent pieces. In this way, the best online Diamond and adornments store ought not just hold a decent scope of costs and huge stock yet ought to likewise include superior grade. Fortunately, Barkev’s comes out well in this respects; and coming up next are pointers to that.

In-House Manufacture

The organization likes to say that “each Barkev’s piece is a high quality extravagance from the City of Angels”. This is on the grounds that from beginning plan to completed items, all items are produced in-house by Barkev’s craftsmans directly in their central command in Los Angeles. By administering all parts of creation, the organization can watch out for quality to guarantee that their pieces maintain the best expectations of gems.

Respectable Lab Gradings

With regards to Diamond, to be certain that you are purchasing a quality piece, just purchase a lab evaluated jewel. There are sure qualities that may not be self-evident, yet which are huge as far as execution and esteem, and these elements will be uncovered in the lab reports.

Notwithstanding, an extraordinary lab reports will do. To be guaranteed of a jewel’s quality, the Diamond should hold testaments from legitimate jewel reviewing labs. Some jewel stores use in-house lab reports; however we’ll exhort against those in light of the fact that you could be getting stones with knock updating (your jewel might be evaluated H VS2, while it’s really I tone and SI2 clearness).

The free lab reports are unquestionably better, however even with those not all lab reports are equivalent. Truth be told, we’ll say that to be certain you have a quality piece that is the thing that the Lab reports says it is, you should search for just jewels from AGS (American Gem Society), GIA (Gemological Institute of USA), and EGL (European Gemological Laboratory).

Fortunately, Barkev’s jewels are GIA and EGL reviewed (there are not very numerous AGS evaluated Diamonds around).

Client Reviews

Probably the most ideal approaches to decide the quality that a store offers is to take a gander at what its clients need to say about it. Without a doubt, quality is generally emotional, and what is great to somebody may not be to someone else. In any case, where there are many raving surveys, something right should occur. For this we scoured the web (autonomous hotspots) for surveys of Barkev’s clients. We are glad to report that each and every survey we discovered had just positives to sing about, which much of the time incorporated the nature of items.

For instance: in Google Reviews, Barkev’s had an ideal 5/5 rating. Explicit surveys incorporated the accompanying:

  • Vahag Taymizyan – I needed the best ring for my life partner and went to the perfect spot! Everybody was incredibly useful and [the]service was extraordinary. They made the most delightful and amazing wedding band that my life partner and I fell head over heels for…
  • Edward Sanchez – I was acquainted with Barkev’s through a companion. [Its] flawless help and pieces justify itself. I was happy with the wedding rings I bought for myself and spouse. It was actually the thing we were searching for. The detail is great. I just have incredible comments about this business…
  • Logan T – I shopped Barkev’s on the web and tracked down the ideal novel wedding band. The quality, craftsmanship and administration didn’t baffle… and I have a VERY cheerful life partner…
  • Yasmine Rafidi – Got the most excellent custom emeralds studs from that point! The emerald quality was the best I’ve seen sitting in a delightful gold setting. To finish it off, I got a sonic adornments cleaner as a blessing…

Different Features

Progressed Search

With the numbers you’ll discover in the jewel stock of gems stores, tracking down your decision stone can appear to be overpowering. The Diamond stores for the most part permit clients to look through utilizing shape, carat, shading, lucidity, and some time cost. In any case, Diamond fans realize that there is a whole other world to jewels than the 4Cs.

Barkev’s additionally knows this and gives a high level inquiry instrument that permits you to look for your decision Diamonds utilizing progressed channels. The pursuit channels incorporate Cut, L:W proportion, Fluorescence, Polish, Symmetry, and Lab Report. With the Advanced Search, looking for your ideal jewel is made simpler.

Attempt It At Home Program

However famous as web based shopping may be, with regards to costly gems, numerous customers actually lean toward the physical stores due to having the option to take a stab at the adornments. Nonetheless, there’s no uncertainty that an actual store can’t hold the quantities (of things) that an online store will have. Subsequently, you’ll be restricted as far as the plans that you’ll discover in any actual store.

Would it be advisable for you to quit any pretense of tracking down an immense choice to look over o that you’ll have the option to actually survey the thing and give it a shot; or would it be a good idea for you to go for tracking down a tremendous choice and radiate having the option to take a stab at the thing? This is an exemplary instance of “you can eat your cake and have it”. Nonetheless, with Barkev’s you can eat your cake and have it by means of its “Attempt It At Home” program.

The program permits you to evaluate ring tests for as long as 5 days. The ring tests are produced using CZ in silver and are made flawlessly, actually like the wedding band you’ll be keen on (CZ is Cubic Zirconia, and is a glasslike material that looks such a lot of like a Diamond in its brightness and clearness).

On the off chance that you choose the Home Try-On program, Barkev’s will send you the ring test alongside a prepaid transportation name. At the point when your 5 brilliant long periods of flexing the ring test are up; you’ll need to place the example in its unique bundling, append the delivery name to the container, and drop it off at your nearby UPS area.

Realize that; a $200 store is needed to partake in the program for each ring test. Notwithstanding, you’ll not be using cash on hand. On the off chance that you choose to buy a ring, the store will be applied to the new request; however on the off chance that you choose not to go with the buy, your $200 store will be discounted in full.

Diamond Upgrade Program

Development is the thing that we need for ourselves. Consequently, in the event that you buy a Diamond from Barkev’s, it’ll be ideal to have the option to return for a greater jewel. Notwithstanding, greater stones will order greater costs. So a greater stone will not cost you an arm, Barkev’s (in the same way as other jewel retailers) has a precious stone redesign program.

How the program functions is exceptionally straightforward. You return a previous jewel to Barkev’s and you’ll get credits equivalents to 100% of the first cost towards getting the new Diamond. In any case, the redesign applies to just GIA and AGSL evaluated precious stones bought straightforwardly from Barkev’s. Likewise, the cost of the new jewel should be basically half more than the cost of the first Diamond.

While Diamond overhauls are for the most part great; the program as run by Barkev’s is to some degree restricted. To begin with, it applies to just GIA and AGS evaluated Diamonds. This implies that clients who purchase from the scope of EGL evaluated precious stones in Barkev’s can’t exploit the redesign program.

Likewise, the program applies to just stones bought straightforwardly from Barkev’s. This guidelines out even stones bought from their vendors. In any case, there are numerous Diamond stores whose overhaul program applies to even jewels purchased from different stores.

Assessment and Cleaning

It is notable that having adornments reviewed and cleaned can assist with expanding the existence of the gems or forestall the passing of a stone. Subsequently, when purchasing jewels, clients additionally post for the “examination and cleaning” administration of the retailer.

Barkev’s checks this case. It even urges its clients to send in their rings for investigation and cleaning at regular intervals or whenever the ring goes through injury. Curiously, examination and cleaning administration is for nothing. All the more thus, you will just compensation to deliver the ring to Barkev’s, while the organization will take care of the expense of delivery the ring (subsequent to cleaning) back to you.


In the event that you spend impressively on a thing, you’ll need a few guarantees. All things considered, Barkev’s stands behind the quality and craftsmanship of its adornments, and warrant that every one of its things will be liberated from assembling absconds for the existence of the items.

On the off chance that you accept that your ring has an assembling imperfection, connect with Barkev’s and get a Warranty Authorization Number (WAN). The organization will mastermind you to send the ring to them for assessment; and if the imperfection is covered by the guarantee, it will be fixed at no expense for you.

Be that as it may, a $50 store will be needed, prior to transportation the ring to Barkev’s. In the event that the deformity is warrantied (covered by the guarantee), you’ll get a full discount. Be that as it may, if the imperfection isn’t warrantied, you’ll get a maintenance quote. In the event that you support the maintenance work, the $50 store will be applied to the maintenance; yet on the off chance that you don’t endorse the maintenance, the ring will be sent back to you, and the $50 will be applied to cover the transportation charges.

It ought to be noticed that the guarantee covers just assembling imperfection; harm because of ordinary mileage, deficiency of gemstones, item misfortune, burglary or secretive vanishing. Inclusion additionally prohibits harm brought about by inability to acquire the fixes needed to safeguard the respectability of the gems.

Hence, in the event that you don’t send in your ring for investigation and cleaning basically like clockwork, the guarantee is voided. Additionally, on the off chance that you any sort of work (fix, resizing, and so on) is performed on the ring by a gem dealer other than Barkev’s, the guarantee is voided.

Estimating and Related Policies


Indeed, even with top of the line items like precious stones and related adornments, nobody will need to pay what is seen as irrational. In this way, the best online store will highlight costs that are seen as sensible. Barkev’s does generally well in this views as its costs are cutthroat.

Checking the costs of things in Barkev’s against the costs of comparable things in other gems stores will rapidly uncover this. For instance, at the hour of composing this survey, Barkev’s recorded 1.00-carat Round H VS2 jewels for $4,195 – $6,840.

This was just somewhat not quite the same as the thing these jewels were going for in contending stores. For instance, James Allen had precious stones of equivalent spec going for $4,730 – $6,560; while Blue Nile made them go for $4,247 – $7,165. That said; Barkev’s is seriously evaluated.


Nearly everybody like advancements, as the promotions help clients save by getting items for not exactly the items’ going cost. With individuals continually paying special mind to advancements, the best online store should run normal advancements.

In such manner, Barkev’s didn’t try to venture out. The greeting page of the site was without cost slicing promotions. Valid, the online precious stone and gems retailers are not as liberal with advancements as different retailers of style frill.

Nonetheless, large numbers of the precious stone stores give a welcome reward where new clients can get something off their first buy. Lamentably, at the hour of composing this survey, we didn’t track down any such welcome reward.

Numerous stores likewise boost membership to their bulletin. Nonetheless, while Barkev’s approached clients to buy in; we didn’t see the “get a rebate” that generally follow such calls.

That said; while Barkev’s may not be liberal with the cost slicing advancements. It has an extraordinary limited time special of its own. With each buy, the organization presently gives clients an endowment of a Jewelry Cleaner Appliance.

The machine utilizes sonic wave innovation to effectively clean a wide range of adornments from hoops to accessories, just as wedding bands. The blessing pack additionally incorporates a brush, a container of concentrated cleaning specialist, a drying material, and a consideration guide.

With this endowment of a Cleaner Appliance, clients are furnished with after-deals care arrangement. They can continue to handle the outcomes of ordinary wear that may dull their gems.

Installment Methods

With regards to paying for your request, you’ll likewise need a smooth encounter. Hence, the best online store should offer a wide scope of helpful installment techniques. Fortunately, Barkev’s marks this container. You can pay for your request utilizing PayPal and the famous Mastercards. You can likewise pay with check.

Financing Plans

In the event that you should purchase that dazzling piece yet can’t take care of its expense around then. You don’t need to put off the buy to some other time. This is on the grounds that Barkev’s has financing through PayPal credit. When looking at, you can choose PayPal credit, and in the event that you qualify, you can have your ring and pay later.


Barkev’s is an online store, so you can’t just stroll into an outlet and leave with your buy. Your request must be shipped off your location, sometime in the not too distant future. Consequently, transporting is a significant thought. You’ll need to realize whether Barkev’s boats to your area (dispatching objections), how long it’ll require from when you put in the request to when you’ll get the bundle (conveyance times), and the amount it will cost (delivering costs).

Delivery Destinations

With a retailer that ships straightforwardly to your area, getting conveyance of your request will be sans bother. In this respects, online retailers that transport overall are best, so your area is bound to be covered.

Barkev’s does well in this respects, as it ships around the world. It ships product to all US States, just as some 240+ nations. Barkev’s don’t convey to PO boxes, and they necessitate that somebody (something like 21 years old) be at home to finish paperwork for the bundle.

Conveyance Times

No client will jump at the chance to stand by everlastingly for a request, and particularly not when it’s a high-esteem thing like precious stones and related adornments. Subsequently, the best online adornments store should offer quick conveyance. In this respects, Barkev’s says that it is focused on convenient conveyance of your orders.

For US arranges, Barkev’s guarantees a 1 – 3 weeks lead time from the date the request is put. Genuine conveyance time will fluctuate contingent upon the specific thing; this is on the grounds that all things are specially made. Likewise, in the event that you need your request conveyed before a particular date, Barkev’s can orchestrate that.

Significantly, all things are completely safeguarded, so you’ll not need to stress over your request losing all sense of direction on the way or in the shopping center.

Transportation Cost

The all out cost of any online buy is the thing retail cost and delivery cost. Subsequently, when transportation costs are excessively high, even things that are acceptably valued can without much of a stretch become too costly to even consider obtaining. Accordingly, the best online store will have delivering costs that are pretty much as low as could really be expected.

Barkev’s pros it in this respects, as all US orders are sent for nothing. Strangely, its free transportation offer doesn’t accompany least buy prerequisites. That is, you’ll not need to make a base acquisition of $XYZ to meet all requirements with the expectation of complimentary transportation. With this, there is no unobtrusive strain to overspend in pursue of free delivery.


One of the evil spirits that make a few group actually avoid the online buy is the “visual deficiency” all the while. Imagine a scenario in which you don’t care for the thing when it is conveyed to you. That is the reason there are merchandise exchanges. Clients understand that “not being 100% happy with the conveyed thing” is a genuine concern; so they pay special mind to just online stores that will permit clients to return a thing that is unsuitable and get a discount or a substitution thing. Fortunately, Barkev’s acknowledge returns.

Bring Process back

In the event that you accept your request and are not 100% fulfilled, you ought to quickly contact the Customer Support administration (by means of phone: at 1-800-227-7321) to report the circumstance, and solicitation a Return Authorization Code (RAC). On the off chance that the return is supported, you’ll get the RAC just as a bring guidance back. US clients have it simpler, as they’ll get a prepaid Return Shipping Label.

You can continue to bundle the thing fittingly, incorporate all bundling and item documentation, attach the name to the container, compose the RAC outwardly of the bundle, and afterward transport it to the bring address back.

It ought to be said that returned things won’t be acknowledged whether they are harmed, or give indication of wear, or have been adjusted in at any rate, or altered, or resized, or engraved by any goldsmith other than Barkev’s. Realize that all customized things are not qualified for returns. Additionally, all item documentation (for example precious stone declarations) should be gotten back with the item. Where jewel authentications are not returned, a substitution expense of $250 per testament will be charged.

Bring Window back

Likewise, you don’t have everlastingly to return an undesirable thing. Barkev’s just acknowledges the return for discount or trade inside 30 days of shipment from its office. 30 days is the business standard return window, yet what is frequently seen is 30 days from the conveyance date. What Barkev’s permit is 30 days from the day the thing ships from its office.

Subsequently, even before you get conveyance of the thing, you 30 days return window has begun shutting. That said on the off chance that you get conveyance of your Barkev’s thing and you’re not completely fulfilled; you’ll need to move quickly with starting the “profits cycle” and delivery the bring bundle back. Else, the return window may close and leave you with an undesirable thing; in light of the fact that Barkev’s won’t acknowledge late returns.

Cost of Return

Another significant thought is the expense of returning an undesirable thing. You’ll not have any desire to discover restrictive costs that will compel you to clutch things that you’ll rather get back to the retailer.

In this respects, Barkev’s likewise does quite well. The prepaid return name that it gives US clients to making simple returns is additionally free; which implies that nothing will be deducted later from your discounts as the expense of bring transporting back. Be that as it may, just two free returns are permitted per client in one year. In this way, on the off chance that you’ve had cause to return two things to Barkev’s in a schedule year, you’ll bear the expense of return transporting for ensuing returns.

Return Processing and Refunds

At the point when Barkev’s gets the return bundle, you’ll get an affirmation email (or a call on the off chance that you lean toward that). Returns are prepared in roughly seven work days. This is the ideal opportunity for the Quality Assurance Department of Barkev’s to survey the thing.

After return preparing on the off chance that you need a discount, the first buy measure of the thing will be gotten back to the method of installment utilized in the first buy. Where the first buy was with a money order, you’ll get a check; permit 10 – 14 work days for this. For charge cards discounts, you ought to permit one month charging cycle to see the discount reflected.

Client assistance Service

When utilizing any stage, you’ll need a stage that is responsive when you need help, and this is particularly so considering the degree of venture that precious stones and related gems request. Subsequently, the best online precious stone and gems store ought to have a compelling client assistance administration for responding to the inquiries that clients will have, and settling any issue that clients may have with their request or item.

Online stages generally accompany a self improvement knowledgebase or FAQ page which holding articles that answer a large number of the inquiries that clients may have. Notwithstanding, we didn’t track down the standard FAQ page in the Barkev’s site. Nonetheless, you’ll discover a connection to a blog. While the blog is educational, it doesn’t exactly have similar answers as a customary FAQ page will. All things considered, if there’s one expansion we figure will offer the Barkev’s site a few courtesies, it’s anything but a FAQ page.

Perhaps Barkev’s don’t radiate on the self improvement assets since they rather need clients to straightforwardly contact its Customer Support for whatever. It’s anything but an email administration and a telephone utility. You can send an email to Barkev’s utilizing an online contact structure open from the “get in touch with us” interface in the site. On the other hand, you may send an email straightforwardly from your email account utilizing the email address [email protected]. For the telephone utility, the number to call is 1-800-277-7321.

Everybody will concur that giving contact channels isn’t sufficient. The best stage should have a help administration set apart by quick and supportive reactions. The client audits (sourced from free online stages) propose that the Customer Support Service of Barkev’s has this load of markings of an incredible help. That is, it reacts quick to client email entries, and their reactions are typically exceptionally supportive.


Objections can be utilized to check the wellbeing of an organization. For instance, assuming the volume and recurrence of grumblings are high, it’s protected to say that the organization has a great deal of cleaning to do. Subsequently, for this segment, we went looking through the online spaces to discover what grievance genuine clients of Barkev’s have.

Prior to evaluating Barkev’s we generally say that there is no organization that fulfills every one of its clients all the time to such an extent that you will not discover a couple of clients grumbling around a certain something or the other.

Notwithstanding, Barkev’s is one organization that broke that recently held perspective on our own. Search as we may, we were unable to discover any protest against Barkev’s. Where clients discussed Barkev’s it was distinctly in shining proclamations. Hence, a precious stone and gems store can’t be more genuine than Barkev’s.


Barkev’s is a genuine Los Angeles based precious stone and gems retailer. The organization has each piece of its adornments carefully assembled in its office in the city of Angels, permitting it’s anything but an eye on quality to deliver shocking bits of the greatest quality norms. The organization publicizes that its pieces are created flawlessly, and you’ll truly not be disillusioned with the craftsmanship.

You can be guaranteed of the nature of precious stones you’ll get in Barkev’s surprisingly reviewing reports from respectable labs like GIA, EGL, and AGS. The scope of items in Barkev’s incorporates wedding bands, free precious stones, dark precious stones, gemstones, fine adornments, and that’s just the beginning.

Additionally, costs are likewise exceptionally serious. Barkev doesn’t just accompany dazzling pieces at incredible costs yet in addition with top administrations. A simple to-explore site makes discovering your thing and requesting is extremely clear.

The special Try-It-At-home component of Barkev’s eliminates a large portion of the evil presences of online buy, as you an example of your ring will be conveyed to you (for nothing) so you can attempt it for as long as 5 days. At the point when you put in a request, there’s free delivery. In the event that you are not happy with your request, returns are permitted with a 30-days window, and you’ll have two free returns in a year. Then, at that point if at all you run into a block facade, you can be have confidence that there’s a responsive and accommodating client assistance administration.


Has a wide scope of items which incorporates wedding bands, gemstones, precious stones, fine gems, and the sky is the limit from there

  • Has an assortment of lab developed precious stones
  • Craftsmanship is first class, and jewels are reviewed by trustworthy labs like GIA, EGL, and AGS
  • Items are seriously estimated
  • Offer a scope of advantageous installment techniques (Visas, PayPal, and checks)
  • Offers to fund by means of PayPal credit
  • US orders are sent for nothing
  • There are no base request prerequisites to fit the bill with the expectation of complimentary delivery
  • Permit returns of things for substitution or discounts (whenever made inside 30 days of unique shipment date)
  • Two (free) returns are permitted in a year
  • It’s novel “Home Try-On” administration permits the client to attempt a ring test for as long as 5 days
  • Has a Diamond Upgrade Program that permits clients to trade their precious stone towards getting another and greater jewel
  • Client care is viable (can be reached by means of email and phone, and reactions are fast and accommodating)


  • Has a somewhat little stock of free jewels
  • Charge an incredible $250 as substitution cost for precious stone declarations


Kelly is an award-winning contemporary romance writer , and a the 2015 Romance Writers of America(r) Golden Heart(r) Finalist. Her novels have earned praise and acknowledgement by Kirkus Reviews, Booklist, Library Journal (starred reviews), The Washington Post, Entertainment Weekly, and more. Book Riot included her debut book, Unbuttoning the CEO in their book list of the 100 Must-Read Romantic Comedies, and Booklist recently named the author "the new go-to author for fans of sassy and sexy contemporary romances." An ex- First Amendment and media lawyer, Kelly practiced for more than a decade before swapping the suits she wore for leisure wear (okay but these are sweatpants). She now tries to create fun and romantic stories of flawed characters who find their ideal match. Kelly reside in Maryland along with her spouse, two daughters and a sweet puppy who finally rests throughout the night. For more details about Kelly and her writing.

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