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Berrylook Review – Women’s Clothing | Cheap Clothing & Womens Dresses

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Berrylook says it is “your worldwide online store that conveys most popular trend attire for you”. That will put Berrylook among the numerous online style stores out there.

The central issue is whether purchasing from Berrylook is awesome. For instance, does the store truly have the “most recent in design”? In the event that indeed, shouldn’t something be said about its quality? Likewise, since nobody will need to look great to cost an arm, what might be said about estimating; doe the store offers serious costs?

Likewise, does Berrylook offer top administrations that we’ll expect of an optimal online store (like simple requesting, quick conveyance, simple returns, powerful client assistance administration, and so on)? In any case, is Berrylook genuine, or is it simply one more trick store that will vanish with your cash?

Indeed, Berrylook is genuine. It’s anything but a trick since they won’t ever take your cash or not transport your arranged things. Be that as it may, there are bunches of grievances and negative input about Berrylook which you can look at underneath.

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This Berrylook audit will analyze Berrylook to give the data that will help you answer these inquiries and the sky is the limit from there.

Berrylook audit initially


A China-based online design store established around 2017

Spotlights on ladies wear and gives dresses, tops, base, swimwear, frill, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg

Boats stock around the world

Free delivery is offered for orders above $69

Returns are acknowledged whether made inside 30 days of conveyance date

Client care administration is accessible (by means of internet tagging framework)

What is Berrylook? – what’s going on here?

Berrylook is your commonplace Chinese cross boundary online design store. It was established around 2017 and is claimed by OrderPlus International Limited. Other eCommerce destinations related with Orderplus International Ltd incorporates Yunione, Calladream, and Popreal. Yunione gives people style wear, Popreal centers around children’s wear, while Calladream is a gems store.

Berrylook as a style store gets its items from top brands in China. It holds a huge number of items in various styles. Berrylook is only an online store, which implies that it doesn’t work actual retail outlets.


The best online design shore ought to have a scope of items. This is so clients can shop their connected items in a single spot. Purchasing from one spot manages the cost of clients comfort; there is additionally the additional benefit of cost reserve funds from huge request limits and from paying to transport one request from one store as opposed to paying to dispatch numerous orders from various stores.

In this respects, Berrylook centers around ladies attire, and it offers the full range from apparel to footwear, and to adornments. When shopping in Berrylook, the item classifications you’ll discover and the things you’ll discover in every class are as per the following:

Dresses – Maxi Dresses, Shift Dresses, Skater Dresses, Bodycon Dresses

Tops – T-Shirts, Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve T-Shirts, Blouses, Cardigans, Pullover

Shoes – Flats and Loafers, Boots, Sneakers, Pumps, Sandals

Outerwear – Coat, Hoodies and Sweatshirts, Trench Coats, Waistcoats, Jackets, Blazers

Knitwear – Knitted Dresses, Knitted Tops, Knitted Coats

Bottoms – Pant, Skirts, Jumpsuits, Suits and Co-ords

Swimwear – Bikinis, One-Pieces, Swimming Pants, Kimonos, and so on

Adornments – Jewelry, Bags, Scarves, Underwear

Men – Shirts, T-Shirts and Vests, Outerwear, Knitwear, Pants, Accessories

You’ll discover from the item classes over that while Berrylook is unquestionably a ladies’ style wear brand, it’s anything but a large group of men’s wear and men’s design adornments.

Estimating and Related Policies


It’s not news that cash is difficult to come in. Accordingly, nobody will need to overpay for any thing. Subsequently, the best online style store will include cutthroat valuing.

Berrylook experts it in this respects. Indeed, if there is whatever goes for Berrylook, it’s the store amazed costs. For instance, at the hour of composing this survey, the majority of the dresses recorded were under $20; Tops were evaluated even lower; while the heft of the shoes were around $30. That said; if low valuing is the thing that a significant driver when shopping, Berrylook will be a spot to look.


Advancements permit clients get things for essentially not exactly the things’ going costs. Accordingly, clients are attracted to stores that run a ton of advancements. Berrylook additionally does well in this respects. You’ll discover a large group of advancements which gives you something off costs.

At the hour of composing this survey, there was another client reward which will give you 5% off your first request. There was likewise a “Thanksgiving offer” that guaranteed up to 65% off orders. Notwithstanding, advancements are normally time explicit. Along these lines, anytime, you’ll need to check the site to know what promotion is being advertised.

Installment Methods

You needn’t bother with a cerebral pain to go through your cash. Subsequently, you’ll need to discover a scope of advantageous installment strategies while putting in a request. Fortunately, Berrylook marks this case. Berrylook acknowledges installment by means of Visas; Visa, Mastercard, and other famous cards are acknowledged. In certain areas, COD (money down) installments are acknowledged. That is, you can pay when the request is conveyed to you.

Curiously, in the Berrylook site, there are a few monetary forms accessible; which implies that numerous clients won’t need to stress over cash transformation when making buys.


An audit of an online store isn’t finished without a delivery segment. This is on the grounds that dissimilar to shopping in a physical store, buys made in an online store should be delivered to you sometime in the future. Along these lines, significant transportation contemplations include: dispatching objections, conveyance times, and delivery costs.

Delivery Destinations

In the event that an online store doesn’t transport to your area, it will be pointlessly hard to get conveyance of your orders. As far as transportation objections, overall confronting stores are alluring; in light of the fact that regardless of where clients are inhabitant, they’ll be bound to have their areas served.

Berrylook does somewhat well in this respects since it dispatches straightforwardly to most nations all throughout the planet.

Conveyance Times

Subsequent to setting orders in an online store, customers won’t have any desire to stand by always for their orders. Along these lines, the best online store should include quick conveyance.

Conveyance times are dictated by request preparing time and request delivering time. The previous is how long passes from when the request is set to when it is dispatched for delivery, while the last is how long passes from when the request boats to when it gets to the transportation address.

That said; conveyance time in Berrylook certainly doesn’t rank well. Request preparing time for the most part takes 5 – 7 work days; while the request shipment time relies upon the delivery alternative chose and the transportation address) country the request is delivery to).

Berrylook offers two delivery choices – Super Saver Shipping, and Expedited Shipping. Super Saver takes 5 – 12 days when transportation to the areas served in North America, Oceania, Europe, and Africa; it takes 7 – 12 days when delivery to areas served in Asia; and it takes 7 – 15 days when transportation to areas served in South America.

Assisted Shipping takes 2 – 5 days when transportation to areas in North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Oceania; and it takes 3 – 7 days when delivery to areas in Asia.

Transportation Costs

Transportation costs add to price tag in deciding the all out cost of any online procurement. In this manner, where transportation costs are excessively high, even things that are acceptably valued can be ignored for being too costly to even think about securing. In this manner, the best online store should highlight transporting costs that are just about as low as could be expected.

Transportation costs in Berrylook shifts relying upon where the request is delivery to. When making a buy, you’ll discover appropriate delivery cost during checkout. Nonetheless, you’ll frequently discover free delivery advancements being advertised. For instance, at the hour of composing this survey, Berrylook was sans offering delivering for orders more than $69.

We enjoyed that free transportation was offered, yet additionally that the base request prerequisite to get the free delivery was just $69. We regularly discover stores offering free transportation expecting clients to have orders worth three figures to qualify.


People opposed to online buy will specify that there are chances originating from not having the option to truly survey the thing prior to getting it. The dread is that the thing may not be 100% acceptable when gotten. This is a substantial concern. In light of this worry, online customers pay special mind to stores with merchandise exchanges.

That is; stores that will permit clients to return things that they are not completely happy with and get a substitution thing or a discount. Fortunately, Berrylook permits returns

Qualified Items

To start with, it ought to be said that not all things are qualified for returns. In any case, you’ll need the return limitations to be restricted so that you’ll not get things that you don’t care for yet can’t return.

In Berrylook, the accompanying things are ineligible for returns:

  • All leeway things
  • Things with the “Specials” tag
  • Swimwear

This is the same as you’ll discover in numerous online stores. Swim wears are for the most part ineligible for returns for wellbeing/cleanliness reasons. In any case, there are a few stores that will acknowledge swimwear if the cleanliness seal is solid.

Where a thing is qualified for returns, for it to be acknowledged by Berrylook when returned, it should be not be utilized or harmed, and it should be returned in its unique bundling.

Bring Window back

While returns are conceivable in Berrylook, you don’t have everlastingly to send the undesirable thing back to the store. Like each and every other style store out there, Berrylook will just acknowledge an undesirable request that hits it up inside a set time span. You’ll need an all-inclusive time period, with the goal that you return bundle won’t get back late and be dismissed.

Fortunately, Berrylook does well in this respects, as it permits a return window of 30 days from the conveyance date. That is, on the off chance that you are unsatisfied with your request, the thing should be gotten back to Berrylook inside 30 days after it has been gotten.

30 days resembles the business standard return window as that is the thing that numerous different stores permit. Accordingly, you shouldn’t be squeezed with time on the off chance that you need to return a Berrylook request.

Bring Process back

At the point when you have a thing that you are not completely happy with, the last thing you’ll need is a baffling bring measure back. So the best online store should offer tranquil returns.

In this respects, on the off chance that you should return a Berrylook request, you’ll need to initially contact the organization for approval. Realize that you’ll need to append photos of the issue. On the off chance that the return is endorsed, you’ll get brings guidance back. You would then be able to continue to bundle the thing suitably, and transport it back to Berrylook.

Berrylook requires a following no for the returning package, so you’ll need to utilize a transportation alternative with following.

Cost of Return

At the point when you have an undesirable thing, you’ll not have any desire to be compelled to clutch this is a direct result of significant expense of bringing it back. So the best online store should include return costs that are just about as low as could really be expected.

The least expense will be $0.00. (that is, free returns). Shockingly, while Berrylook doesn’t charge such return costs as “restocking expenses”, it doesn’t take care of return delivering costs. Hence, it doesn’t offer free returns. Clients should bear the expense of delivery any undesirable thing back to the organization’s office.

Lamentably, with Berrylook situated in China, return cost can without much of a stretch be extremely high for some clients at the opposite apocalypse from Berrylook.

Returns Processing and Refunds

Subsequent to sending back an undesirable thing, you’ll need to accept your discount as quick as could really be expected. So the best online store should include quick preparing of profits and giving of discounts.

In this respects, Berrylook possibly guarantees that profits will be prepared quickly when gotten by them. While not putting a time span on what amount of time it’ll require for it to deal with returns, it says that subsequent to handling the returned thing, the discounts will be given quickly, and you ought to get the assets in 7 – 15 work days after the fact.

Client care Service

Clients will consistently have requirements to contact the Support Service of an organization. A few clients will have questions which should be responded in due order regarding their obligation to being acquired. Likewise, regardless of how well an organization works, there’ll be clients that will have issues that should be addressed for their dedication to be acquired.

Along these lines, the best online store ought to have a successful client assistance administration for responding to the inquiries and settling the issues that its clients will have.

In this respects, Berrylook like pretty much every online stage begins with the self improvement asset of a FAQ page. Its FAQ page holds short responses to large numbers of the inquiries that clients have posed before. Nonetheless, we discovered the Berrylook’s FAQ page to be restricted. It just addressed inquiries identifying with Shopping and Payment.

Where you need to contact a help rep, Berrylook offers an email administration. Portraying its “contact support”, Berrylook really says that it esteems every one of its clients with the end goal that its “proficient help administration group is consistently there to help”. The “email administration” is really a web based tagging administration. You’ll track down the online contact structure, in the “Reach Us” in the “Client assistance” segment of the site.


A significant piece of our surveys is genuine clients’ protests. This is on the grounds that what the genuine clients need to say about any organization says a lot regarding how sound the organization is. For this segment, we checked the top free clients’ audits stages, explicitly and

Sadly, Berrylook isn’t appraised exceptionally in these stages. For instance, in Trustpilot, Berrylook is appraised by 4,395 clients, and it has a helpless rating of 1.4 out of 5. In sitejabber, it is evaluated by generally less clients (just 897), however it’s anything but a helpless rating of 1.6 out of 5.

Poor people rating is brought about by an ocean of grievances, which we pack as follows: late conveyance, low quality, trouble with returns and discount, and helpless client assistance administration.

Late Delivery

One grumbling that consistently thundered its head is “late conveyance”. As referenced before Berrylook publicizes a conveyance time that is around 12 – 22 work days (5 – 7 days for request preparing and 7 – 15 days for Super Saver transporting). While this is now moderately long, the clients’ surveys show that conveyance seasons of Berrylook effectively take longer. Explicit instances of the surveys are:

Shelley S in Sitejabber says “I so wished [I read] the surveys prior to requesting. [I] submitted a request [of]over 100 Canadian [dollars]. Things consumed a huge chunk of time to show up… about two months; and we’re so disillusioned

B Treacy in Trustpilot says “… I requested a few shirts, and it required around a month and a half for them to show up (on a lethargic boat from China?)… “

It ought to be said that things transport right from China. Possibly it ought to be added that Berrylook has not done much about enhancing its conveyance times, so late conveyance keeps on plagueing the organization. That said; in the event that you should arrange from Berrylook, try not to be amazed in the event that it comes way later than anticipated.

Low quality

When making any buy whether on the web or in the physical stores, you’ll need top-quality items. Notwithstanding, the clients’ audits are covered with harrowing tales about the nature of Berrylook’s things. Some particular audits are as per the following:

Sarah P in Sitejabber says “Horrendous quality, wobbly and inexpensively made. Sadly, I didn’t take a gander at the surveys before I requested. My messages were not replied, and presently I am left with 3 garments that I am too humiliated to even think about evening part with”

Claire N in Sitejabber says “I’m past incensed with Berrylook. The garments are shaky and of horrible quality. In reaching them I have been shipped off more than 7 individuals, and when I’ve sent the garments back (at an expense of 50AUD) they were gotten back with the explanation being they had been rejected by Berrylook…”

Shehani S in Sitejabber says “All things are simply modest material and appear to be absolutely unique from their photos, and the sizes are not precise as well… “

Kari in Trustpilot says “Requires 4+ weeks to get your things and they are modest. Made in China modest. Pictures are deluding… “

There’s no uncertainty that subsequent to standing by too long to even consider getting a request, it’ll be extremely disillusioning without a doubt in the event that it at last shows up and what you find in the crate is predominantly low quality. The volume and recurrence of this sort of reports show that low quality is a genuine issue that plagues Berrylook.

Just too often, clients get things that are entirely unexpected based on what was envisioned, different occasions the material is excessively poor, and commonly the measuring is all off-base (little in any event, when a greater than ordinarily worn size is requested).

As we would like to think, the evaluating of Berrylook is tempting low that the “you get what you pay for” saying continued ringing when we saw all the shocking tales about low quality.

Trouble with Returns and Refunds

Another grumbling that was practically conventional had to do with returning things and getting a discount of installment (or all the more properly, the trouble with returning Berrylook’s thing and being discounted).

Jane H in Sitejabber says “… Items were returned and a discount mentioned. Heard nothing for 2 1/2 months. Couldn’t contact. Needed to at last record a case”

Bonnie in Sitejabber says “Ghastly Returns” the survey proceeded “They don’t react to bring demand back. You need to email for approval and you never get a reaction… “

Terri C in Sitejabber says “I requested tops. Low quality and measuring; no bring address back. I messaged them and got ‘provide for loved ones as it will be too expensive to even think about returning’. I idiotically got the profits address off them; cost £17.80 to send, followed and endorsed for in May. End of September, bundle returned to me. The mailing station says they wouldn’t get it in China… PayPal said I was out of the 180 days to grumble. £70 squandered… “

Shehani S in Sitejabber proceeded “… I expected to return because of this size matter, and they say because of costly delivery charges despite the fact that I pay for return they can give me two choices. One I can keep the thing and be repaid 12AUD for purchasing the proper size once more; or Two, they offer 15AUD coupon for next buy. I mean what sort of business is this! Never purchase again. Completely frustrated”

B Treacy in Trustpilot proceeded “… in spite of the fact that it’s costly to return the things to China, I worked the numbers and concluded that returning them would be superior to getting no discount by any stretch of the imagination. It’s been a very long time since I returned them, have still not got any cash back. Most exceedingly awful online experience ever… “

From the surveys, it very well may be seen that this “trouble with returns and discount” issue takes numerous structures. To begin with, is that getting Return Approval is troublesome.

You basically can’t return a thing to Berrylook without first reaching them and getting an endorsement (which will convey return directions and the bring address back). This is standard practice; then again, actually getting the endorsement from Berrylook isn’t just about as simple as clients will like.

As the audits show, commonly, Berrylook just straight don’t react when reached with bring demand back. Different occasions, they request photographs again and again in any event, when these have been given. Numerous clients think that Berrylook’s such rehashed requests are only a strategy to destroy the client.

Then, at that point when Berrylook tracks down that a client’s case is substantial, it essentially doesn’t endorse the profits, yet attempts to prevent the client. As the surveys show, commonly Berrylook tell clients that “the expense of return dispatching is excessively high” and that they ought to rather save the undesirable thing in return for a rebate coupon.

Another issue with returns is that the expense of profits are borne by clients, and on the grounds that Berrylook’s return address is in China, return dispatching cost can really be high. Another type of the “return and discount” issue is that occasionally subsequent to getting a return endorsement and sending back the thing, the bundle returns undelivered on the grounds that Berrylook doesn’t acknowledge it.

In such a circumstance, the client not exclusively doesn’t get discounted the underlying installment yet additionally loses the high transportation cost brought about.

One more type of the “profits and discount” issue is that Berrylook gets the return bundle, recognize receipt of it, however the discounts consume a huge chunk of time to be gotten or are not gotten by any stretch of the imagination. It’s telling that Berrylook doesn’t state what amount of time it requires for it to handle “returns”. As referenced before, it just says that it’ll take 7 – 15 work days subsequent to preparing the returned thing for the discounts to be gotten.

It ought to be said that trouble with returns and discounts quite often detonate low quality issues. This is on the grounds that in any event, when a store is tormented with low quality if clients generally approve of returning things and getting discounted, they’ll not have numerous issues with the organization.

Yet, where a client gets a shaky item, and attempts to yet can’t return it or get discounted, then, at that point the retailer will quite often be marked a “trick”. Accordingly, you’ll see that numerous clients, commentators, and bloggers toss the “trick” name at Berrylook.

Helpless Customer Support Service

Another issue that seizes you when you take a gander at the clients’ surveys of Berrylook is helpless client service administration. As can be gathered from the surveys, the issue incorporates straightforward Customer Support disappointments, for example, not reacting to help entries.

Then, at that point there’s additionally the issue of help reps attempting to destroy clients through rehashed requests, or doing everything to work the client out of return rather than really making a difference.

Is Berrylook genuine?

Presently to that inquiry! Since nobody will need to lose his/her well deserved cash, prior to utilizing any online stage, he/she will need to decide if the stage is genuine. In the event that you’ve seen our different audits, you’ll realize that we don’t go with the feelings in noting the “genuine inquiry”. Maybe we take a gander at a bunch of boundaries.

Our first check of a genuine online style store is normally lawfulness. This is on the grounds that online stores that are fueled by 100% legitimate organizations are more averse to be tricks. In this respects, Berrylook remains silent about it, yet it is claimed by OrderPlus International Limited, which was fused as a Private Limited Company in 2016. At the very least the trick stores don’t mess with lawful acknowledgment by means of organization consolidation.

Our other check of a genuine online style store is normally industry-wide acknowledgment. This is on the grounds that a stage that the acknowledgment of industry devotees and pioneers is more averse to be a trick. In this respects, Berrylook additionally doesn’t come out well.

Due to the various issues tormenting the organization, it is to a great extent named a trick by numerous industry chiefs and supporters the same.

A definitive check of a genuine online design store is qualification for reason. This implies that if clients place orders, the genuine store will satisfy the orders with genuine and useful items. In this respects, Berrylook additionally doesn’t come out great by any means.

On the initial segment, however a few clients report never getting their orders, orders are to a great extent conveyed. As we saw from the clients’ surveys, the issue isn’t getting conveyed genuine items, yet the usefulness of the conveyed items. Clients regularly get things that “they can wear” or that “they’ll feel humiliated to try and part with”.

That said; with being controlled by a 100% lawful organization, Berrylook comes out as a genuine online store. In any case, given the harrowing tales about Berrylook, some will need to stone us for “embracing” Berrylook. If it’s not too much trouble, stay your hands. Saying Berrylook is a “genuine” online store is no support.

Perceiving the various issues with the Berrylook as illustrated in the objection area. It is protected to say that Berrylook while a genuine organization (by definition) is one that is loaded with numerous (issues that can make you lose cash).

Is Berrylook safe?

Berrylook is protected. Another inquiry that you should reply prior to utilizing any online stage is the “protected inquiry”. On the off chance that an online stage isn’t protected, touchy data that clients share with it, (for example, individual data and charge card data) will spill out to unapproved outsiders (think digital fraudsters).

In this respects, there are no uncertainty that Berrylook is protected. As it’s anything but a FAQ article “we use industry-standard encryption advances while moving and getting client information traded with our site worker”. In this respects, Berrylook utilizes the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) innovation.

This is really the business standard for securing information being moved on the web. SSL makes a private channel between the purchaser and dealer (that is, the purchaser’s gadget to the merchant’s workers). Each information moved in the private channel is private. Additionally, SSL utilizes undeniable level (bank-grade) encryption, so there’s zero chance of the information being perused by unapproved programmers.

That said; in the event that you choose to shop in Berrylook, the security of your own data or Mastercard subtleties ought to be not really important. Berrylook is a safe online store.

In the event that you are not happy with Berrylook, you may evaluate Rotita


Berrylook is one of the various online style stores out there. It centers around ladies’ wear giving dresses, tops, bottoms, swimwear and then some; but on the other hand there’s a men’s wear assortment. Berrylook includes low and reasonable estimating, and it ships around the world. When perusing its assortments, you’ll discover excellent and flawless pieces.

In any case, it will appear to be that that is the place where the uplifting news closes. Clients’ surveys propose that when orders are put, they quite often show up after the expected time. Additionally, low quality audits are overpowering. Along these lines, when the lovely and perfect piece that you found in the site and request at long last shows up, you may find that it is an unstable quality sloppy thing that is entirely unexpected based on what was imagined. Best case scenario, Berrylook is an exemplary illustration of “you get what you pay for”.

Additionally, however Berrylook publicizes a 30 days merchandise exchange; to return a Berrylook thing, you’ll need to acquire a return approval, and this doesn’t come simple.

Furthermore, in any event, when you do get the return endorsement, you’ll need to pay return transportation to China which is somewhat costly; and surprisingly subsequent to returning the thing, getting the genuine discounts additionally doesn’t come simple (that is in the event that you do get it).

With that Berrylook is truly not one of the online design stores that we’ll suggest. The odds are too high that when you request, you’ll get a thing that of predominantly low quality, and getting discounted will be near unthinkable.

Notwithstanding, their low costs are a draw. So in the event that you have a fortunate cap, you can face the challenge and purchase from them; and you just may get yourself the take of the century – a low evaluated excellent style piece.


  • Offers a decent scope of design items
  • Highlights low evaluating
  • Offers great cost cutting advancements
  • Boats around the world
  • Free transportation is offered (for orders more than $69)
  • Permits gets back with a 30 days (from conveyance date) bring window back


  • Conveyance is normally not quick
  • Such a large number of protests of low quality
  • Near on difficult to get discounted
  • Phone support isn’t accessible
  • An excessive number of grumblings of client service being generally pointless


Kelly is an award-winning contemporary romance writer , and a the 2015 Romance Writers of America(r) Golden Heart(r) Finalist. Her novels have earned praise and acknowledgement by Kirkus Reviews, Booklist, Library Journal (starred reviews), The Washington Post, Entertainment Weekly, and more. Book Riot included her debut book, Unbuttoning the CEO in their book list of the 100 Must-Read Romantic Comedies, and Booklist recently named the author "the new go-to author for fans of sassy and sexy contemporary romances." An ex- First Amendment and media lawyer, Kelly practiced for more than a decade before swapping the suits she wore for leisure wear (okay but these are sweatpants). She now tries to create fun and romantic stories of flawed characters who find their ideal match. Kelly reside in Maryland along with her spouse, two daughters and a sweet puppy who finally rests throughout the night. For more details about Kelly and her writing.

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