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WYZE CAM 1080P Review – Making Great Technology Accessible | Smart Home Devices

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We love the convenience and versatility of distant home observation cameras.

It’s no twisting to express that Wyze has indisputably the, most moderate insightful home advancements accessible. Set up by previous Amazon designs just two years prior, one of their first things was a tremendous hit with the Wyze Cam, which costs just $20 or something like that.

As we probably are aware, cameras are getting less expensive continuously. Also, remembering that you may compare a minimal expense with bad quality, which consistently winds up being the circumstance. Yet, this spending plan on indoor reconnaissance camera is amazingly valuable for the money. Unquestionably, there are some trade offs. Notwithstanding, you get an extremely lovely deal. For instance, fourteen days of free distributed storage, for so minimal the cost.

That being said, you should introduce one into your home. Still in question that this little piece accomplishes such a great deal at its cost? All things considered, here is an audit of the “Wyze 1080p” Camera. Look at it!


  • Modest.
  • Little, adaptable structure factor.
  • Sharp 1080p video.
  • Movement and sound-set off chronicles.
  • Free distributed storage.
  • Neighborhood stockpiling.
  • Time-slip by recording and movement following.


  • Doesn’t fuse clearly with other clever home devices.


While most observation cameras have an indirect shape, the Wyze Cam is a little white 3D square that is around 2 creeps on all sides. It’s anything but a significant dull drift at the point of convergence of which is the camera; under that is a little dim circle that houses a development sensor.

The underneath of the Wyze Cam has a dim base that allows the camera portion to widen vertically and turn on a level plane. It’s everything except hard to move, yet, rigid enough that the camera will stay in one spot.

The camera goes with a 6-foot power line and an appealing plate that you can join to a divider or rooftop to mount the camera.

The Wyze Cam is quite possibly the most efficient observation cameras out there. Notwithstanding, it doesn’t keep down on quality. Video-wise, we had the choice to see clearly in 1080p HD, the business-standard. We could moreover zoom in shocking on numerous occasions, which was useful to see what our children were looking at on their telephones. While the field of view was to some degree tight at only 110 degrees, as a rule, we were content with the Wyze Cam’s video show, apparently the main piece of the camera.

A charming piece of Wyze Cam is the camera’s night vision, which is made possible by infrared LED sensors.

Another cool thing about the Wyze Cam is that it has a speaker and a mouthpiece, which let us aggravate our children distantly through the Wyze application. Regardless of whether we were on a work trip giving our home sitter rules to water the plants or basically encouraging our kids to go to the parlor region for dinner, the two-way solid on the Wyze Cam was one of my favored features.

Like the rest of the Wyze things, the Wyze Cam works with Alexa and Google Assistant. This will be examined extensively along these lines. Limit shrewd, you can record locally to a limited scale SD card, sold freely, and you’ll get 14 days of dispersed stockpiling on the house. With no month to month charges, the Wyze Cam is quite possibly the most sensible decisions for indoor home security, so it’s extremely an astute choice, pardon the pun.

Establishment and Performance

In the event that it’s your first utilization of this item, you would need to download, introduce the Wyze application on your cell phone and furthermore make a record with them. The Wyze cam introduces in almost no time, say, 2 minutes.

In the wake of interfacing the camera, I related it to Wi-Fi in the Wyze application. By then, I analyzed the camera’s QR code, and it coordinated with the application. Then, I put the Wyze associate in the USB port on the back of the Wyze Cam. The blue light turned on, and subsequently, we coordinated our fixation toward the Wyze application to incorporate our sensors.

To present the sensors, I just clicked ‘incorporate new device’ and reiterated the strategy. To the degree the circumstance goes, you should place the development sensor regardless, six feet off the ground, somewhere where pets can’t intrude with it (seeing you, cats). The contact sensors will circumvent two centimeters isolated from each other. The sensors are all strip and stick, making this foundation system incredibly immediate.

The Wyze Cam is a solid performer. Its daytime 1080p video shows incredible picture detail and agreeably splashed tones, and its night vision video appears sharp and adequately brilliant out to 25 feet. There’s a touch of barrel winding around the edges, yet it’s not actually unmistakable.

Development following worked commendably in testing, as did development and sound acknowledgment. Spring up messages displayed up immediately when one of the sensors was initiated, and recorded video glanced correspondingly in a similar class as the live stream. The two-way solid was immaculate, and the Time-Lapse recording feature had precisely the expected impact.


Simple App Setup (~5 Minutes)

Voice Prompts

6 Foot Power Cable


Requires Power

Weight Of The Power Cord Might Pull Magnetic Mount Off Wall


Despite its little size and arrangement esteem, the Wyze Cam offers a wealth of features including development following, two-way solid, free conveyed stockpiling, and a microSD card opening for taking care of your recordings locally and engaging constant account. Day and night 1080p video is sharp, with insignificant mutilation, and two-way solid correspondence is immaculate and acceptably riotous. You don’t get interoperability with other canny devices or support for IFTTT, in any case considering the camera’s $20 esteem, it’s hard to whimper. In light of everything, the Wyze Cam is the most ideal decision for spending plan on home observation cameras.


Any Monthly Fee with Wyze?

Straightforward reply answer? You will not have to pay anything month to month to use Wyze. The association doesn’t offer capable checking or cell support, and limit, as I said already, is free. In any case, in case you need your fastens to record until the completion of the development versus 12-second catches, you can pay for Wyze Complete Motion Capture, which costs $1.49 per camera consistently, as you can get comfortable with additional on Wyze esteeming page. They additionally offer a free, 14-day preliminary!

Wyze Smart Home Integrations

Wyze works with Alexa and Google Assistant, the two most notable voice accomplices by a wide margin. In excess of 100 million devices work with Alexa alone! I evaluated our Wyze Cam and Wyze Sense with both voice partners, and this is the thing that I had the alternative to do with each.


Of the Wyze items, it is qualified to take note of that, lone Wyze Cam V2 works with Alexa. It has the alternative to have Alexa show recording on Echo Show, Echo Spot, and Fire TV contraptions. In any case, discussions couldn’t be traded through those devices; that simply occurred through the Wyze application. Additionally, the camera can’t be furnished or incapacitated utilizing voice orders. Nonetheless this was a fair mix regardless, and it is consistently fun seeing the essences of those in cameras on a big screen, i.e the TV.

Google Assistant

Utilizing Google Assistant, camera accounts can be shown on Google Nest, android telephones, notwithstanding watches. The camera can likewise be turned here and there through this stage, which is more beneficial than Alexa. All around, Wyze is recommendable to those generally in Google Ecosystem. In spite of the fact that, it works with Amazon Ecosystem too.


Wyze furthermore works with IFTTT, which addresses “Assuming This, That”. There are numerous extraordinary contraptions that work with IFTTT that you can catch the Wyze Cam or sensors up to, mechanizing exercises to make your life just fairly easier. For example, the LIFX Mini Smart Bulbs turn on whenever the Wyze Cam and Sense were debilitated, which implies you just returned home for the afternoon. That way, all of the lights was by then on, you could do what you expected to do: flop on the adoration seat.

All around, it is amazingly charming with how adequately Wyze fused into our splendid home, and with their various things, like the keen bulb and fitting. Openings proliferate. It’s named a keen home to no end!

The App

The Wyze application can be used both at home and any spot by means of the web. It is everything except hard to live-stream film, get alerts whenever our alerts went off, or our cameras recognized development, talk through two-way solid, set up wise stage blends, and that is just a hint of something larger. Other Wyze customers agree with these, giving the application a 3.6 on the Apple App store and a four-star rating on the Google Play Store. Along these lines, prescribing Wyze to both iPhone and Android customers is certifiably not a welcome thought.

Wyze Customer Support

There comes when we would all have the option to use a bit of help at times! Exactly when you’d needed support with the Wyze Cam and sensors, it’s prudent you go through their online assistance local area, conversation, or arrive at their gathering through email and live visit. They’re open Monday through Saturday from 8 AM until 4 PM PST. Unfortunately, they have no phone line right now except for their online reach is honorable as they hit you up on any protest quickly.


All things considered, Wyze Sense is an exceptional security system for someone that should be as DIY (Do It Yourself) as could really be expected. On the off chance that you’re brutally self-sufficient and should be 100% liable for your home’s security, Wyze Sense, coordinated with their other sharp security things like the Wyze Cam, is an awesome choice for you


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