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Bio Complete 3 Review – Is This Gundry MD Gut Health Supplement Worth It?

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Making sure our guts are happy and healthy is an essential element of our overall well-being. But maintaining a healthy gut isn’t as easy to do and, in the end, many of us have missed out crucial things that our guts and bodies require to not just survive, but also flourish.

This is where Bio Complete 3 by the Gundry MD promises to fill in the gap. This supplement is distinctive in that it not just comprises probiotics and prebiotics however it also includes postbiotics.

Are postbiotics a good thing? More importantly is Bio Complete 3 a worthy choice for improving your gut health? Let’s look more closely at this supplement as well as everything related to gut health so that you can decide for yourself. We’ll go over its ingredients, dosagesand advantages, and more. Without further delay we’ll begin in the Bio Complete 3 review!

About Gundry MD

In fact who is better to introduce us to this brand-new “biotic” than Dr. Steven Gundry of Gundry MD?

After a long and distinguished profession as one of top experts in heart surgery Dr. Gundry left his position as head of Cardiothoracic Surgery at California’s Loma Linda University Medical Center in 2002. Then, he established The Center for Restorative Medicine.

Since then, he’s spent the next few years studying human microbiome and developing his concepts for “Holobiotics.”

Gundry MD Supplements

Dr. Gundry has been spending nearly 20 years studying the microbiome, which is the billions of tiny microbes that reside all over the, on, and within your body.

Alongside his publications His company has also developed an extensive range of skin, supplements haircare, food, and skin products.

Dr. Gundry has been at the forefront of improving gut health, its importance in immune health and in the development of products to improve digestive health. Here are some of the most popular products.

Total Restore helps promote an energised, healthy gut lining to prevent leaky gut syndrome.
Prebiothrive is a prebiotic that helps control the flow of bowels, treat inflammation intestinal disease, and boost the health of your gut.

  • GI Renew assists with the improvement of digestion and decrease in stomach discomfort.
  • Metabolic Advanced offers the metabolic assistance needed to boost energy levels, supports digestion and strengthen the immune response
  • Lectin Shield – eliminates toxic proteins
  • Primal Plants – improves digestion
  • 24 Strain Probiotic is Probiotic supplements
  • Power Blues – contains pre and probiotic strains
  • Gundry’s Bio Complete 3 – includes pro, pre, and postbiotics

The website, products and the writings support the company’s mission statement “To dramatically improve human health, happiness, and longevity through a unique vision of diet and nutrition.”

“Holobiotics” Philosophy

Before we move on to reviewing Bio Complete 3.0, it is beneficial to know the philosophy of the company.

To understand “Holobiotics,” people must first be aware of the different microbes that are present in their bodies. Certain microbes are beneficial and some are harmful.

Most people, unfortunately, choose an unhealthy diet and lifestyle that eliminates their beneficial bacteria and promotes the spread and growth of harmful bacteria.

This loss of the right microbe/microbe ratio will eventually disrupt the balance and health of your entire body. A few signs of this are symptoms of irritable bowel disease and a weak immune system and stomach, or skin problems.

“Holobiotics” is the phrase Dr. Gundry coined to describe the lifestyle and diet choices that people need to adopt to maintain their healthy microbes. The goal is eventually to bring the ratio back to equilibrium and improving their overall health.

Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Postbiotics

The National Center for Biotechnology Information informs us that “biotics refers to nutritional strategies that can direct gut microbiota towards a more favorable state for host health.”

The idea is that prebiotics such as probiotics, synbiotics, and prebiotics (food ingredients or supplements to diet which combine prebiotics with probiotics) could alter the gut microbiota as well as its activities to alter the immune system positively.

It is likely how the good bacteria that reside in our gut comprise around 70%-80 percent of the immune cells which guard us against illnesses, pathogens, viruses along with others “bugs.”

If you’re trying to stay fit taking care of how your digestion is crucial. If the immune system of your body is weak it puts you at a higher risk of developing an autoimmune disorder and colds, as well as instances of flu, allergies and many other ailments.

Prebiotics are microorganisms which help support the balance of good bacteria that live in your gut.

They are live microbes. They are the gut-friendly bacteria that help prevent digestive problems. According to Dr. Gundry says that these are your gut mates.

Synbiotics are a combination of probiotics and prebiotics that enhance the life span and the activity of beneficial microorganisms within the digestive tract.

NCBI states that the latest member of the postbiotics family of biotics is a reference to

“bioactive substances produced by food-grade microorganisms through the process of fermentation. They are microbial cells, cell constituents and the metabolites that help to improve health.”

Postbiotics is an incredibly new term , but it’s still somewhat ambiguous. It encompasses a variety of substances, such as:

  • Metabolites
  • Short-chain fat acids (SCFAs)
  • Microbial cell fragments
  • Functional proteins
  • Extracellular polysaccharides (EPS)
  • Cell Lysates

What Is Bio Complete 3?

After we’ve discussed the concept of holobiotics, it’s time to talk about Bio Complete 3. It’s a great way to enhance your health.

Bio Complete 3 is a nutritional supplement that comes in vegetable capsule form. It also contains three exclusive natural ingredients that are trademarked and all-natural such as probiotic, prebiotic and postbiotic.

Probiotics that provide a lot of gut-friendly bacteria
Prebiotics that fuel the good bacteria
Postbiotics that help support the gut lining and help alleviate the symptoms caused by “leaky gut”

The product is produced within the U.S. in a certified cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) facility. The formula is purity and quality checked by an independent third-party lab.

Bio Complete 3 is sugar-free Gluten-free, sugar-free, and without soy, dairy, lectins, as well as artificial sweeteners.

Every bottle of Bio Complete 3 comes with 120 capsules for a 30 day supply.

Bio Complete 3 Ingredients

As stated, Bio Complete 3 only contains three ingredients. Each ingredient is a registered or trademarked compound that is owned by an manufacturer of ingredients granted a license by Gundry MD.


The main substance is CoreBiome(tm) that consists in 1000mg Tributyrin. This ingredient is granted by Gundry MD under an exclusive global distribution agreement with a company named Compound Solutions.

In actual reality, Compound Solutions is a well-known manufacturer of nutraceutical ingredients that supplies unique, patented components to the organic product sector.

CoreBiome(tm) is actually an fatty acid with a short chain (SCFA) which is one of the three other acids of fatty acid.

Most people are familiar with MCTs medium-chain fatty acids, thanks to the high demand for MCT oils. Long-chain fatty acids can be found in many foods, including olive oils, avocados as well as fish, and are also healthy.

But, the short-chain fatty acids could be the most crucial of the three essential fatty acids that contribute to health. They’re more crucial for gut health than probiotics or prebiotics in they help to promote equilibrium.

SCFAs aid in creating an environment that is healthy in your digestive tract, allowing healthy bacteria to flourish. They also help to reduce excessive levels in harmful microbes. When you take them along with probiotics and prebiotics postbiotics help to create a synbiotic connection to improve the health of your gut.

For reference from Compound Solutions, “SCFAs such as CoreBiome(tm) are like a multivitamin for your gut.”


The other ingredient trademarked is licensed by Taiyo International Inc. The ingredient acts as a prebiotic as well as insoluble fiber.

Furthermore, this ingredient is recognized for a fiber in the diet in accordance with the new FDA guidelines. It also provides evidence-based health benefits that have been proven clinically:

  • Supports digestive health
  • Weight loss and weight management
  • Reduces the glycemic index.
  • Feeds beneficial gut bacteria


Thirdly, the substance third ingredient is ProDURA(r) 2 billion CFUs that is a trademark registered to UAS Laboratories.

UAS Labs, located in Wausau, WI, positions itself as the Probiotics Company(r) and performs extensive research and clinical studies.

ProDURA(r) is an antibiotic from Bacillus coagulans, an exclusive strain of spore-forming bacteria that promotes a healthy balance of harmful and beneficial bacteria within the gut.

Overall, we are satisfied with the scientifically researched and clinically validated trademarked ingredients of Bio Complete 3. Bio Complete 3 formula.
Other Ingredients:

The dietary supplement, as with others Gundry MD products is straightforward with regard to the inclusion of fillers or other additives. In this instance, Bio Complete 3 contains the below ingredients in smaller quantities:

  1. Microcrystalline Cellulose
  2. Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose
  3. Silica
  4. Magnesium Stearate

Bio Complete 3 Benefits

Similar to other dietary supplements the effectiveness of these supplements also depend on whether you’re following a an appropriate diet, are trying to shed weight, are suffering from joint problems or are looking to improve your overall health.
Gut Health

The main advantages that come with Bio Complete 3 are the aid in maintaining an energised gut lining. The gut lining is an important area where there are living organisms, and is which is where the immune system lives.

When we consume junk food or other unhealthy foods, our guts begin to deplete its healthy bacteria. We can be afflicted by things such as IBS digestive problems, digestive disorders, and inflammation.

Additionally, an exercise and healthy way of life and taking probiotic supplements and eating more fiber-rich foods can help promote the growth of good gut bacteria.

It’s clear that Bio Complete 3 can do this for you and takes good care of your digestive health without you having to take multiple supplements at the same time.
Other Benefits

While these aren’t the primary reasons behind Bio Complete 3 there are other things that this Gundry MD tool can accomplish for you.

Other benefits include improved digestion, which helps to lose weight, balanced digestion, less cravings for junk food as well as a huge boost in energylevels, and also addressing your immune response.
Recommended Dosage For Bio Complete 3

Gundry MD suggests a dose of two capsules twice a day, and preferably prior to meals.

However taking Bio Complete 3 on a regular basis to ensure best gut health and overall wellness is the ideal option.

As per Gundry MD Gundry MD, the best time to take this product is when you consume it early in the morning, before breakfast, and then again prior to dinner. This gives you 24 hours of security.

Is Bio Complete 3 Safe?

Although there is no evidence of severe adverse reactions of Bio Complete 3. The combination of ingredients can cause some people to experience issues like constipation, gas, bloating and thirst.

Naturally, it is advise you to consult your doctor before beginning any new supplementation to your diet.

Be aware it is it is important to remember that the Food and Drug Administration does not regulate supplements. However every Gundry MD products undergo testing and examination.

Where to Buy Bio Complete 3

Bio Complete 3 is available on the official Gundry MD website for $69.95 per bottle. This link allows you to buy your first bottle for just $49.95.


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