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Pique Tea and Sun Goddess Matcha Review

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My evaluate of the Pique Tea brand and their Sun Goddess Matcha.

What is Pique Tea?

Did you understand that tea isn’t most effective a applicable beverage in fashionable however additionally has numerous blessings to provide? I discovered that a few teas enhance your immune gadget even as others can relieve many sicknesses resulting from underlying factors. Some teas additionally loosen up the thoughts, supplying you with a greater non violent sleep and much less tension overall.

Pique Tea is a tea emblem that gives many natural teas which are sourced instantly from family-run farms. Have indigestion? Pick Pique Tea. Have tension? Pique Tea has your again. Need higher sleep and support your immune gadget? Pique Tea has you covered!

If you’re involved approximately the teas’ authenticity, this emblem is ready for anything; all teas go through a three-toxin check to ensure it’s secure for all. Read this Pique Tea evaluate to discover greater!

Overview of Pique Tea

Pique Tea creates each tea from natural sources – their farms! Each version includes precise plant-primarily based totally antioxidants, added out with their 8-hour brewing method to maximise taste. The method helps the enrichment of trees, keeping the extracted critical antioxidants in entire forms.

Pique additionally boasts of first rate provider with natural teas that go through a triple toxin check. By trying out toxins, the emblem guarantees that every tea is made with out the infection of pesticides, heavy metals, or different toxins. The emblem additionally takes pleasure in being “one hundred percentage natural,” providing a money-again assure for any patron that isn’t absolutely pleased with their purchase. Pique Tea is well-known amongst its clients and is taken into consideration to be a favourite amongst fitness experts.

Pique Tea additionally offers you a agenda for the exceptional instances to drink every tea. For instance, black teas are a morning brew, even as inexperienced tea pairs nicely with an after-lunch break. The emblem recommends consuming their natural tea withinside the evening, presenting a calming impact earlier than sleeping.

Here are a number of the pros and cons of the tea brand:

Pros of Pique Tea:

  • Effective: Their teas assist with a extensive sort of problems, like indigestion, low immunity, sleep problems, tension, and frame pain.
  • Pure: Pique Tea boasts in their teas being one hundred% natural and natural, as all their teas are stated to go through a triple toxin check to ensure that they do now no longer have any chemical substances and are secure for all.
  • Accessible: Their teas are comfortably to be had and want no greater brewing as they have got already been brewed for 8 hours for lengthy-lasting and powerful flavor.
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Cons of Pique Tea:

  • Lack of taste: Some of the teas lack a sturdy taste, making them a bit much less applicable for the clients who decide upon a sturdy beverage.
  • Caffeine: If you do now no longer like caffeine for your tea, Pique Tea won’t be optimal – the teas can variety from 22 mg to 87 mg caffeine in every serving.
  • High-brew flavor: Some clients do now no longer just like the high-brew flavor of Pique Tea.

Pique Tea Best Sellers

Pique Tea isn’t for confined thinkers. It gives you a extensive sort of teas which have a myriad of blessings, presenting a long lasting but effective impact for your frame.

Some of the exceptional-promoting brews from Pique Tea consist of the Electric Turmeric, Sun Goddess Matcha, and Pu’er Black Tea.

Electric Turmeric is known as for the principle anti inflammatory ingredient, helping the immune gadget and shielding the joints.

Sun Goddess Matcha relaxes the thoughts because it allows the greater inquisitive tea drinker.

Pure Black Tea is for the ones folks who decide upon a traditional taste of their morning flavored.

However, those aren’t the most effective sorts that this tea emblem gives. Pique Tea additionally presents Pu’er Green Tea (which includes massive antioxidants), Reishi Calm Elixir (for strain relief), Chaga Energy Elixir (to lessen fatigue), and Cinnamon Herbal Fasting Tea (that is caffeine-unfastened).

All of those teas have traits which are critical and useful for the human frame withinside the lengthy and brief run.

Pique Tea Matcha Review

Pique Tea gives Matcha tea in special variants – Sun Goddess Matcha Tea and Matcha Green Fasting Tea. Both of those teas sell a peaceful kingdom of thoughts and decorate mindfulness.

They each even provide an immediate electricity boost, weight management, and healthful strain response. While Sun Goddess helps the immune gadget primarily, Matcha Green Tea presents help even as fasting.

These teas also are regarded to construct a more healthy immune gadget and may be taken among morning and afternoon hours to have lasting outcomes for the thoughts and frame all through the day.

Benefits of Sun Goddess Matcha Tea:

  • Provides an immediate electricity boost
  • Keeps the thoughts in a kingdom of calm
  • Builds a healthful strain response
  • Helps in healthful weight management
  • Enhances the kingdom of mindfulness

Benefits of Match inexperienced fasting tea:

  • Helps keep a peaceful kingdom of thoughts
  • Helps the frame undergo a easy and easy detox
  • Helps in growing satiety

Reviews and Testimonials

Most clients who’ve attempted Pique Tea are normally in awe of the emblem’s merchandise’ simplicity and purity. They say that the fitness blessings amaze them, aleven though certainly considered one among the most important promotions that clients love is the possibility to create their tea combo or curated box.

However, a few clients additionally experience that a number of their teas lack taste and flavor. The caffeine tiers may be regarding to customers who decide upon herbal or calming tea, aleven though the emblem gives some caffeine-unfastened alternatives to attraction to those customers.

Price and Purchasing Process

Pique Tea gives range in all sense – in merchandise, packaging, and costs as nicely. Even the packing of the tea varies. For example, Sun Goddess Match is to be had in a tin for $68, even as the carton packaging for this equal tea costs $fifty eight for 28 servings. The Pu’er Bundle, which includes the Pu’er line of teas, costs $116 for inexperienced tea and black tea. Upgrading to the Pu’er Ultimate Bundle is $232, providing packing containers of every in place of one.

Are there any subscriptions and bundles?

Pique Tea gives bundles of the goods at a lesser price than usual. It additionally offers you an choice to blend and mix teas and make your bundle.

Is there unfastened delivery?

Pique Tea gives unfastened delivery everywhere withinside the US in orders over $60.

Is there a go back coverage?

Any unused Pique Tea product may be lower back to them inside 30 days for a complete refund.

Is there a Guarantee Policy?

The assure coverage of Pique Tea isn’t nicely regarded.

Can you purchase it on Amazon?

Yes, you could purchase Pique Tea merchandise on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Pique Tea, therefore, gives you a extensive range to pick out from. You can pick out inexperienced tea, black tea, or tea to decorate your morning routines – multi functional place. After this Pique Tea evaluate, I’m off to get a number of those flavorful teas for myself – what approximately you?


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