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MUD/WTR Review – A Coffee Alternative As Your Morning Ritual

There are some food truths I keep to be self-obvious. #1. under-seasoning is a criminal offense. #2. Pancakes are better than waffles. #3. espresso is the whole thing. I’ve been a faithful espresso drinker due to the fact that i was in my teens, and it’s uncommon there’s a morning once I don’t begin my habitual with a mug of joe. (a few may even inform you that it’s unwise to talk to me earlier than I’ve had my first sip.) this could make me an not likely candidate for a espresso opportunity, but I’m an open-minded girl with insatiable curiosity. when the opportunity presented itself to review MUDWTR, i was right away intrigued. What does this espresso opportunity provide that my everyday espresso doesn’t? Is it healthier? How do you’re making it? What does it flavor like?
on this evaluation, I’m going to explore these questions and greater. I’ll look at what’s inside the “dust,” explore the claims, brew a cup (or ), and provide you with my sincere opinion on how it tastes. Will a espresso alternative be capable of dazzle this espresso devotee? let’s find out!

About MUDWTR & Pricing

MUDWTR is to be had for buy without a subscription, but good sized savings are to be had in case you sign up for ordinary shipments. The subscription service is known as MUDWTR VIP.
The Product: MUDWTR VIP
What’s it all approximately: MUDWTR VIP is a routine subscription sent each 30, 60, or ninety days. the first shipment incorporates a 30-serving tin of dust coffee opportunity, plus a frother, sample of creamer, and some branded stickers. subsequent shipments replenish your dust stash.
The cost: $40 in line with shipment. ($1.33 in keeping with serving of dust.) delivery is unfastened for all habitual shipments.
can i buy without Subscribing: sure! you can make one-time purchases at the MUDWTR web site.
This container was sent to us at no cost for assessment. (check out our overview procedure put up to research greater about how we review bins.)

Switching to a coffee opportunity

what is It?

My first query after finding out that mud is a coffee substitute turned into easy: if it’s now not espresso, then what is it? here’s an answer straight from the source:

MUDWTR™ is a coffee opportunity along with natural substances lauded through cultures young and old for his or her fitness and performance blessings. With 1/7th the caffeine of espresso, dust offers you natural energy, awareness and greater without the jitters and crash.

k, with this, that they had my interest. I study in addition and became intrigued to find out that MUDWTR turned into born out of the founder’s disappointment with how espresso became affecting him; he loved the ritual of ingesting espresso (as do I) but wanted some thing that wouldn’t have an effect on his sleep cycle, create dependency, or supply him a increase/crash. He wanted something like coffee that would do greater— assist him hone his intellectual readability, boom his bodily stamina, and guide his immune device. The idea for dust changed into stimulated by way of Indian Chai, a piping hot tea brewed with a blend of spices, and formed by means of a choice to create a drink that might taste correct and carry out. The agency founder did a few studies and decided on a number of one of a kind components which might be known for their health blessings, and he commenced operating in his very own home kitchen on what would ultimately grow to be dust.

What’s In It?

So, what’s in mud? The site is very transparent approximately what is going into the combination, so let’s lay it all out at the table and have a look at the substances, one by one. before we dive in, though, I need to take a second to point out that i’m no longer a scientific expert, and i am now not here to evaluate wellbeing claims or debate the advantages of these components. i am a food reviewer, and my expertise lies therein. (similarly, once I evaluation coffee, I don’t declare to be an expert on the blessings or drawbacks of caffeine. however i’m able to inform you whether the beans are properly roasted, what the flavor profile is like, and the way it makes me experience.) i’m able to, but, point out this disclaimer posted on MUDWTR’s web site: “those statements have no longer been evaluated with the aid of the food and Drug administration. This product isn’t always supposed to diagnose, deal with or prevent any ailment.” My own view (for what it’s worth) is that many meals have inherent fitness blessings. individually, i like to be informed approximately what I’m consuming, but I strive now not to lionize or vilify ingredients, and that i not often treat meals as real medication.

Masala Chai

Chai is a blend of ingredients like certainly brewed and flash-dried black tea powder and one hundred rtified natural powdered spices: ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves. With just sufficient caffeine to result in alertness, severa benefits, and a complex taste profile that rivals coffee – chai is what gives dust it’s soul.


Cacao is mud’s most abundant ingredient each for its flavor and impact. Cacao changed into worshiped through the Mayans, fueled the daily diet of the Aztecs, and has been categorized the “meals of the gods” with the aid of many subsequent cultures. It makes sense, because it tastes as proper as it makes you sense.


Reishi changed into brought to aid wellbeing and immunity. This mushroom has been utilized in chinese language medicine for over 2000 years and is typically known as the “king of mushrooms” for its adaptogenic qualities. It has many polysaccharides and beta-glucans which are recognised to help aid healthful immune function.


Chaga is a mushroom that grows on birch trees. japanese cultures were drinking chaga for centuries for its standard benefits and soothing properties.


Cordyceps changed into chosen for its bodily overall performance advantages. in the beginning used by high altitude Tibetan herdsman, cordyceps is now used by many to help strength, stamina and athletic overall performance.

Lion’s Mane

Lion’s mane become added to help mental overall performance. A newly-hyped nootropic in western cultures, lion’s mane has been a part of chinese language and jap medication for centuries.


Curcumin is an antioxidant flavonoid found in turmeric that helps the body’s everyday inflammatory reaction via optimization of cytokine manufacturing.

Himalayan Sea Salt

Salt helps hydration and a balanced ph level. in addition, it allows get the digestive device flowing and gets your frame a few a lot wanted minerals.


Cinnamon consists of phenolic compounds, flavonoids, and antioxidants that make it one of the maximum beneficial spices on this planet.


Signing Up

when you sign on for MUDWTR VIP, you can select how frequently you’d like to acquire refills of mud.
if you’re not geared up to subscribe, you could make a one-time buy in the shop. (however, it’s really worth noting that shipping is free and reductions are provided on habitual purchases.)


Your first box will include a 30-serving tin of dust, a frother (for remarkable-efficient blending), a sample of plant-based creamer, and some branded stickers. comply with up shipments will simply pinnacle off your dust supply. (even though, you could additionally join up for recurring shipments of creamer, if you want to incorporate that into your beverage recurring.)
I acquired a publication complete of records approximately mud, recipe tips, and details on different to be had products.
right here are the branded stickers I received in my box. (Lookout! one in every of them’s got just a little bit of an mind-set LOL.)

mud Tin 30 Servings– $50

I’ve gotta say, my first impression of the packaging turned into pretty amazing. I’m a sucker for clean, minimum layout, and this canister of mud clearly hit all the proper notes. i really like that mud comes in an all black container and the creamer is available in all white. chef’s kiss

Creamer sample– purchase a field of 15 for $20.

I obtained a unmarried packet of plant-based, powdered creamer. right here’s a description:
It’s plant-based, vegan, sugar and gluten-free and crafted from coconut milk and MCT oil. It’s a powder, so that you simply want to add a scoop to your mud to turn it into a top notch powered silky clean latte.

mud Whip– $15

I didn’t simply personal a frother before receiving this box, so this is a great addition to my kitchen device cabinet. It prices thru an blanketed USB cable and is capable of 19,000 RPMs. It comes with a tour case and has three heads included. As far as frothers pass, this one is well-designed and nicely-made. (though, I experience an possibility become neglected to call this the MUDWHP— ha!)

How to Make the Mud

The book presents clean prep instructions: combine 6 grams of dust with 12 oz. of warm water and stir with the frother. (FYI 6 grams of mud powder is kind of equal to one stage tablespoon.)
Did you manifest to look that page within the supplied guide that tells you the way to use the frother? nicely, I did not bother to study it earlier than I frothed my dust, and dirt went flying all over my kitchen. (Taking wagers now: how old will I be when I finally realise that instructions are there for a purpose?)
once the whole thing became wiped clean up, I got geared up for the taste take a look at. First, I wanted to explore the aroma— I continually sniff before I bite. because of all of the talk about mushrooms, I approached my first whiff cautiously. would it not scent like dried porcinis? Nope, under no circumstances. these items smells great. It jogs my memory of chai: highly spiced with a strong word of cinnamon. Or perhaps even spiced hot chocolate. This amazed me. With all of the unexpected ingredients, i was anticipating something a piece greater… bizarre, I bet? i was wrong. these items smells outstanding.
The flavor, however, I wasn’t pretty so eager on. As within the aroma, the taste is dotted with the familiarity of cocoa and chai, but there’s more occurring. There’s a savory, umami flavor that I picked up in the first sip that I didn’t love. As I persisted to drink, I got used to it, and by means of about mid-cup, I’d settled into the taste and began taking part in the flavor. If I’m sincere, I don’t suppose the taste is pretty as accurate as chai or (my cherished) coffee, but as soon as I were given used to it, i discovered it nice enough.
What i will let you know is that even though dust only has 1/seventh the caffeine of a cup of coffee, it perked me up. I skipped my usual cup of joe so I should input my taste take a look at with my full morning grogginess, and even as this didn’t provide me the identical jolt i get from espresso, my eyes have been open a teensy bit wider for positive.

What If I Drink My espresso (alternative) With Milk?

I desired to decide to the MUDWTR experiment, so I additionally skipped coffee the following couple of mornings. On the second day, I attempted mud with the supplied creamer. I used the whole packet in a measured cup of dust, and i’m now not positive it made that a lot difference, actually. The coconut-based creamer didn’t add that plenty colour or creaminess to my cup, though it did provide the drink a touch punch of rich nuttiness. To be truthful, I by no means use powdered creamer, so this in all likelihood isn’t a product i’d use anyway. as a substitute, the subsequent morning I went all in and whipped up a mud latte. (i really like a hot espresso drink on a chilly day, so this regarded like a stable check.) I steamed some oat milk, delivered it to my cup of mud, squeezed in a smidgen of honey, and topped the drink with a pinch of nutmeg. Of all of the methods I sampled dust for this overview, the mud latte changed into my favourite. The creaminess of the milk delivered a velvety smoothness, and the little little bit of sweetener complimented the cinnamon and spices. mud is naturally sugar-loose, and at the same time as I usually enjoy ingesting my coffee black, I assume the taste of dust blessings from a hint of sweetness. My first two mornings consuming dust, I appreciated the flavor of my drink. The third morning, I enjoyed it.

My Verdict

This turned into my first time attempting “mushroom coffee,” and i went into this assessment without any preconceived notions. i used to be excited to look what awaited me. I gave up espresso for 3 days in favor of dust, and it changed into pretty the revel in. Will I flip my back on espresso forever and emerge as a MUDWTR enthusiast? probable not. but I enjoyed learning dust. I’m certainly going to percentage a number of my ultimate deliver with my mom; she loves the ritual of espresso but can now not deal with a full dose of caffeine. She switched to decaf years in the past, and part of me wonders if perhaps MUDWTR is the product she’s always been anticipating. (I’ll make certain to update the comments section if she loves it sufficient to shop for a tee-blouse!)

Ready to strive MUDWTR for your self?


Kelly is an award-winning contemporary romance writer , and a the 2015 Romance Writers of America(r) Golden Heart(r) Finalist. Her novels have earned praise and acknowledgement by Kirkus Reviews, Booklist, Library Journal (starred reviews), The Washington Post, Entertainment Weekly, and more. Book Riot included her debut book, Unbuttoning the CEO in their book list of the 100 Must-Read Romantic Comedies, and Booklist recently named the author "the new go-to author for fans of sassy and sexy contemporary romances." An ex- First Amendment and media lawyer, Kelly practiced for more than a decade before swapping the suits she wore for leisure wear (okay but these are sweatpants). She now tries to create fun and romantic stories of flawed characters who find their ideal match. Kelly reside in Maryland along with her spouse, two daughters and a sweet puppy who finally rests throughout the night. For more details about Kelly and her writing.

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