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FragranceNet Review – The Incredible Perfumes Product I Can’t Live Without

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FragranceNet survey. Everybody needs to smell lovely. Not exclusively would you be able to get drawn to somebody in light of smelling wonderful; yet smelling pleasant can upgrade the state of mind and lift the soul. To fulfill this need to smell wonderful, aromas have been created. Taking a gander at the market, you’ll be spoilt with decisions.

Nonetheless, many are simply modest stuff; some will make you everything except smell wonderful, while others have great smell that will be gone nearly when it comes. Originator scents are proclaimed as the answers for great aromas that won’t just make you smell wonderful yet in addition keep going long.

Indeed, FragranceNet is genuine. It’s anything but a trick since it is perhaps the most well known organizations with legitimate administrations on the web. You will get any thing you request from the site without an issue.

The inquiry is whether the aromas and different results of FragranceNet are in reality excellent items. In the event that indeed, another inquiry will be whether FragranceNet truly offer these quality items at moderately great costs.

Then, at that point there is the topic of how they can do this. Once more, there are inquiries concerning its administration. Does FragranceNet offer top administrations that we’ll expect of an advanced online store (like simple requesting, quick conveyance, simple returns, powerful client care administration, and so on)? In any case, is FragranceNet genuine?

This FragranceNet audit will analyze FragranceNet to give data that will help you answer these inquiries and then some.

Notwithstanding, if there’s anything we think about originator items, their top of the line quality orders top of the line costs. This is the place where FragranceNet comes in – to give top of the line quality brand name aromas at generally low costs.

FragranceNet audit initially


US-based online store established in 1997

Offers a scope of brand name items that incorporate aromas, colognes, excellence items, and home items

Boats to just the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand

Free Ground delivering is offered inside the US (for orders above $59)

Undesirable thing can be returned for a substitution or discount inside 30 days of receipt

Client service is accessible by means of postal mail, email, fax, Live Chat, and Telephone

What is FragranceNet? – About

FragranceNet was begun around 1997. As the name recommends, it is an autonomous retailer of scents and related item. It is a US-based organization that is settled in New York. The organization says that its main goal is to offer an extraordinary determination of brand name items at incredible costs. In this manner, it gives more than 17,000 brand name aromas, and a similarly noteworthy choice of related items like magnificence items, fragrance based treatment, and scented candles.

Is FragranceNet genuine?

FragranceNet is real. As business moved on the web, fraudsters followed. In this manner, there are numerous digital fraudsters utilizing trick stores to rip individuals off. In this way, all together not to be ripped off, you need to establish that the store you’re going to use for your online buy is genuine.

The central issue is whether FragranceNet is genuine. There’s no uncertainty that FragranceNet is a genuine online store. This is on the grounds that it is a 100% legitimate organization, it has industry-wide acknowledgment, and it has a long history of satisfying requests with genuine and utilitarian items.

Our first check of a genuine online store is normally legitimateness. This is on the grounds that, it is practically outlandish for a store that is 100% legitimate to be trick. Fortunately, FragranceNet ticks this legitimateness box. The online store is worked by Inc, which is a slowly enrolled US organization. At the very least the trick stores don’t go for legitimate organization enlistment endorsements.

Another check of a genuine online store is perceivability and industry-wide acknowledgment. This is on the grounds that it is practically unthinkable for a store that is generally known and perceived to be trick. Fortunately, FragranceNet ticks this perceivability box, as it has more than 1 million Facebook supporters. Additionally, the store is generally known as a go-to objective for modest name brand scents. At the very least a trick store won’t draw such countless supporters, or procure an extensive acknowledgment.

Another check of a genuine online store is the trial of time. This is on the grounds that it is inconceivable for a trick store to have a rich working record. With the progression of time, misleading exercises are uncovered; and with such openness, the trick stores close their virtual entryways and vanish. Fortunately, FragranceNet ticks likewise checks this crate, as it has been working since 1997. All things considered a trick store just can’t rip individuals off for more than twenty years utilizing a similar front.

Nonetheless, a definitive check of a genuine online store is qualification for reason. This is on the grounds that trick stores are embarked to rip off individuals, so they either don’t satisfy orders or satisfy orders with useless items. Fortunately, FragranceNet additionally checks this case. This is on the grounds that when orders are put, FragranceNet conveys genuine items, and regularly than not, these items are practical and palatable.

Is FragranceNet safe?

Another significant thought in online buy is wellbeing, which means defending whatever delicate data you share with the store and keeping it from falling into some unacceptable hands. This will incorporate data like your own information, contact information, and in particular, your charge card data.

In such manner, FragranceNet says that its will probably make your shopping experience protected, advantageous and effortless. In this manner, it gives a security ensure that its “protection and security programs ensure that each exchange made at is 100% safe and ensured”.

To guarantee this, FragranceNet utilizes the business standard security convention for guaranteeing the private association between two gadgets imparting over the web – SSL (Secure Socket Layer) innovation. SSL likewise encodes all information guaranteeing that it can’t be perused by anybody over the web. With the utilization of this safety effort and then some, it is protected to say that FragranceNet is protected.


As you’ll know, there is not really an organization that a couple of people won’t have something terrible to say about. Notwithstanding, the best organization will guarantee that the grumblings are exceptionally restricted, and suffocated by an ocean of positive surveys. Consequently, a survey of an online store isn’t finished without taking a gander at the protests that people have.

These people will ideally be clients who have really purchased from the store. Subsequently, for this part, we took a gander at the top free clients’ survey stages like,, and

At the hour of composing this survey, the lone stage where FragranceNet was exceptionally appraised is; in this stage, its normal rating is 4.6/5 (by 28,367 analysts). In, it had a reasonable rating of 3.5/5 (by 324 commentators). Be that as it may, in and, FragranceNet had helpless evaluations. In the previous, it is evaluated 2.4/5 (by 145 analysts); and in the last mentioned, it is appraised 1/10 (by 169 commentators). The fundamental protests which cause the helpless appraisals incorporate helpless client support, low quality items, late conveyance, and then some.

Helpless Customer Service

In every one of the clients’ surveys stages, clients quite often don’t have anything great to say about the Customer Support Service of FragranceNet. The issue goes from essential Support disappointment like not reacting to Support entries or taking long to react, and there’s likewise the issue of getting pointless reactions. For instance:

  • DaintreeRainforest in Resellerratings says “can’t say anything negative about client care on the grounds that there is none”. The audit proceeded with that “Purchased 5oz jug of fragrance, gotten a 1.5fl oz. Sent 5 messages – No answers… “
  • Gifts Nicole in Resellerratings says “I purchased two aromas… I got a warning that the thing was conveyed while I was at home; I didn’t get any bundle from any transporter, and it was not in my letter box. I send an email to fragrancenet advising them what had occurred; nobody appears to mind… “
  • Olga in Sitejabber says “Most exceedingly terrible Customer administration that you’ll at any point insight”. The audit proceeded “I would readily follow through on retail costs to not manage their RUDE and ARROGANT client assistance rep – she didn’t pay attention to what I needed to say and continued parroting clearly canned answers. I would exhortation to avoid this organization”

Low quality Product

There are likewise a few clients who had objections about the nature of their orders. This issue went from getting watered down items with a fragrance that don’t last, to getting vacant containers. For instance:

  • CjRennie in Resellerratings says “Selling counterfeit/watered down cologne… ” The audit proceeded “I’ve requested from this organization before and just began getting a watered down form of a similar brand (Liz Claiborne “Bend”) at a similar cost… “
  • Monica-778 in Resellerratings says “Counterfeit scents know, Do not last” The survey proceeded “Bought 3 fragrances for my better half, keeps going 2 hours. Be cautioned don’t accepting. In the event that you like your adored one purchase genuine from genuine stores… “
  • Wendell of Tallahassee, FL in Consumeraffairs says “I bought the 3.3 sizes of Creed Aventus for $303… The crate looks genuine, the container looks genuine however it’s anything but an imitation. The cologne doesn’t last over 60 minutes. The genuine Creed will remain with you the whole day… “
  • B. of Clemont, FL says “I submitted an enormous request of 8 jugs of scent. 4 men’s and 4 women’s. Each of the 4 of the men’s were off and the one lady’s that I’ve opened is off. One of the men’s release and in one the sprayer is free and scarcely showers. I feel these items were either fakes, 2nds or old… “
  • Christina G in Sitejabber says “They are shams”. The audit proceeded “I requested a blessing set, they sent it to me, the entire container scent was vacant… “

Late Delivery

Another unmistakable protest is late conveyance. The surveys show that it consumed a large chunk of the day for orders to be handled and dispatched for delivery. For instance:

Monica-778 in Resellerratings added that “Delivery requires multi month”

Catherine S on Sitejabber says “Discover another retailer”. The survey proceeded “On Thursday 02/07 around early afternoon, I requested 5 things for Valentine Day blessings. The site said 3-5 days so I accepted seven days was a lot of time. It ought to have been nevertheless they didn’t dispatch it until 5 days after the fact on Tuesday 02/12… “

CJRennie in Resellerratings says “… didn’t deliver my request till seven days after I requested it… “

Trouble getting Refund

Another objection that was huge is that getting discounted by FragranceNet is a tall undertaking. As we’ll see, FragranceNet necessitates that you get endorsement and a RMA before you can return its product. Nonetheless, it appears to be that the organization doesn’t effortlessly give this endorsement, and where it does, giving the discounts doesn’t come simple. Ordinarily, clients announced starting a chargeback with their Mastercard organizations or Paypal to stand out enough to be noticed of FragranceNet.

For instance: Remember DaintreeRainforest in Resellerratings who says the organization didn’t answer any of 5 messages. The audit proceeded “Fortunately, I paid with PayPal. In the wake of reaching them, I then, at that point got an email from FragranceNet encouraging where to return the aroma”


Item Range

As the name of the organization recommends, the aroma is its feature item class. In the aroma division, there are various areas that you can shop in. The primary ones are Women’s Perfume and Men’s Perfume. In each segment, you’ll discover a large group of fashioner scents, including top brands like Dolce and Gabbana, Juicy Couture, Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Burberry, Gianni Versace and some more. Another segment in aroma is Gift Sets where you’ll track down a bunch of jugs in a bundle. Different areas in the aroma segment incorporate Best Sellers and fresh introductions. The previous is the place where you can discover the scents that are generally pursued, and the last holds new items that are simply gotten into stock by the organization.

FragranceNet says that one of its responsibilities is to offer an incredible determination. In this manner, aside from the aroma classification, you’ll discover other item classes as follows:

  • Ladies Perfumes:
  • Men Perfumes:
  • Skin health management:
  • Make Up:
  • Haircare:
  • Fragrance based treatment:
  • Candles:

Skincare: In this class, you’ll discover items for body, eyes, face, feet, hands and nails, lips, and neck. You’ll likewise discover sun security items, just as enhancements.

Cosmetics: You’ll discover MakeUp ranges, Makeup sets, and Makeup Tools and Accessories. You’ll likewise discover Make-Up items for body, eyes, face, lips, and nails.

Hair Care: In this classification, you’ll discover: Conditioners, Shampoos, Hair shading items, Hair medicines, Products for Hair misfortune, just as Styling Products, and Styling Tools

Candles – Where you’ll discover scented candles to make your home smell lovely

Item Quality

It’s anything but enough to track down a wide scope of items in a store; you’ll need the items offered to be of excellent so that regardless you pick, you’ll not track down its quality lacking.

In this respects, FragranceNet accompanies a Product Guarantee that expresses that “the entirety of the items exhibited all through are 100% unique brand names”. It adds that there’s “positively No impersonations or imitations” to vehemently underline that the Company just convey authentic brand name items.

As reported before, there are quality grievances. It should be said that these grumblings are huge. Since they are very many, they can’t be passed as unique cases or occurrences. Be that as it may, FragranceNet conveys excellent items. In this manner, while it is a genuine organization that satisfies its command of giving brand name items at generally low costs, it is tormented with certain quality issues.

Estimating and Related Policies


Each client needs the most ideal worth. In this manner, in any event, for some apparent quality, nobody will need to pay over and on board. Subsequently, the best online store should include costs that are seen as sensible.

FragranceNet says that one of its responsibilities is offering extraordinary costs. Consistent with those words, FragranceNet offers generally excellent costs for brand name items. You can get up to 80% off by purchasing from FragranceNet rather than straightforwardly from the brands or their approved vendors. Indeed, for most clients that purchase from FragranceNet, the main motivation they state for purchasing brand name items from FragranceNet as opposed to purchasing straightforwardly from the brands is the somewhat lower costs of FragranceNet.

In every one of the free clients’ audit stages, you’ll discover remarks like: “the costs are way underneath the market costs”, “incredible costs”, “the costs are astounding”, and that’s just the beginning. Truth be told, in some bad surveys, the generally low cost of FragranceNet was seized as a weapon. For instance, a commentator in Site Jabber expressed “You get what you pay for”; another in Consumeraffairs says “on the off chance that it sounds excessively great, it is”. These remarks propose that the cost was essentially low, with the end goal that the issues that were capable were not out of the ordinary.

That said; there’s no uncertainty that, as it guarantees, FragranceNet offers generally low costs for its image name items.


The quest for the best worth likewise takes clients to stores that run a ton of advancements. This is on the grounds that limited time offers permit clients to get certain items free of charge, and others for not exactly the items’ full costs.

Fortunately, FragranceNet comes out as an advancement liberal online store. At the hour of composing this survey, there were numerous coupons that a client can recover to save large on their buys. A portion of these include:

30% off your request when you pursue messages

$25 off your acquisition of $100 or more

$10 0ff your acquisition of $40 or more

$5 off your acquisition of $20 or more

Installment Methods

Each client needs bother free administrations which incorporate advantageous installment frameworks. Fortunately, FragranceNet upholds advantageous installment strategies. You can pay for your FragranceNet request utilizing Credit and Debit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover Card, Diners Club), just as PayPal, PayPal Credit, and Amazon Payments.


In online buys, dispatching is a significant thought; and the main things about transportation include: dispatching objective, conveyance times, and delivery costs.

Transportation Destination

When making any online buy, with the exception of you utilize a store that straightforwardly ships to your area, it could be pointlessly hard to get conveyance of your request. In such manner, you’ll need a store that boats to numerous overall areas so your area is bound to be covered.

In any case, FragranceNet delivers straightforwardly to a couple of nations. It dispatches locally inside the US, and five different nations that include: Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand. Obviously, this isn’t the overall inclusion that we’ll need. Consequently, aside from you live in any of those six locales, utilizing FragranceNet will be pointlessly troublesome as far as getting conveyance of your request.

Conveyance Times

Clients by and large don’t care to stand by interminably for their orders to be conveyed. In this way, the ideal genuine online store will include quick conveyance.

Conveyance times are compensated for request preparing time and transportation time. The previous is the manner by which long (in the wake of submitting a request) before it is dispatched for transportation; and the last is the way long (after it is dispatched for transportation) before it shows up at the conveyance point.

Delivery Times in FragranceNet relies upon the area the request is transportation to, and the delivery choice chose. For US orders, FragranceNet several transportation choices, which include: Standard Ground Shipping, Express Shipping, and 1-work Day Shipping. The Standard Ground Shipping takes 2 – 8 work days, the Express Shipping takes 2 – 3 work days, and the 1-Business Day Shipping will require one day.

It ought to be noticed that the 1-work Day Shipping is a 24 hour conveyance choice. That is, the length of your request is put together by 12pm (EST), it will be conveyed the following work day (barring ends of the week). Nonetheless, the occasions cited for Ground Shipping and Express Shipping are not comprehensive of request preparing time. FragranceNet doesn’t explicitly state what amount of time it requires for it to deal with orders. Notwithstanding, we gathered from client audits that it can take effectively require as long as 5 days. In this manner, when utilizing Ground or Express Shipping, you’ll need to take into account 5 work days before you get tallying going the transportation times.

When transporting universally, the transportation time is likewise reliant upon where the request is delivery to. Orders going to Canada can take 2 – 7 work days; Orders going to Mexico can take 6 – 10 work days; and others going to different areas served can take 4 – 15 work days. Likewise, these are simply delivery time; so you need to permit around 5 work days for request preparing.

Delivery Cost

Transportation costs are a significant thought in online buys in light of the fact that when high delivery costs are added to price tag, a thing that is acceptably evaluated can undoubtedly turn out to be too costly to even think about procuring.

Delivery Costs in FragranceNet likewise relies upon where the request is transportation to. For homegrown US orders: Ground Shipping to the 48 bordering states cost $6.95, however is free for each request above $59.00. Notwithstanding, Ground Shipping outside the 48 coterminous states cost $8.95. The expense of the Express US Shipping is adaptable, contingent upon the heaviness of the shipment requested, yet it begins at $11.95. The expense of the 1-Business Day Shipping is additionally adaptable and begins at $15.95.

Worldwide Shipping cost is likewise reliant upon the area the request is going to. There’s a Shipping Calculator at checkout with which you can compute the genuine expenses subsequent to contributing your transportation subtleties. Be prompted that global clients will be dependent upon certain additional charges (for example Tank) forced by the material country.


It’s anything but all the time that clients are completely happy with their online buys. In this way, the ideal genuine online store will permit clients to return things that are not agreeable to them, for a trade or discount. Fortunately, FragranceNet permit returns.

Notwithstanding, returns are dependent upon a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) gave by the client assistance. Subsequently, on the off chance that you get a FragranceNet item that you are not satisfied with, you’ll need to initially contact the Customer Service of FragranceNet to present a return ask for and acquire a RMA.

After the return endorsement is given and the RMA number got, you would then be able to continue to bundle the item fittingly and transport it to the return delivering address (, Returns Department, 900 Grand Blvd, Deer Park, NY 11729, USA). To deal with your return, you’ll need to likewise express your reasons(s) for returning the product.

In any case, you don’t have always to return a FragranceNet request. The organization will just acknowledge things got back to it inside 30 days of receipt. This is a generally long return window, and is comparable to the business normal. Along these lines, in the event that you should a FragranceNet item, try not to be squeezed with time and risk your thing getting back late and being dismissed.

Additionally, it ought to be noticed that not everything things can be gotten back to FragranceNet. Nonetheless, the profits limitation is restricted; you can return any unopened FragranceNet stock aside from Skincare, Haircare and Make-Up things. These things are simply limited because of wellbeing reasons. Additionally, FragranceNet doesn’t offer free returns; so when you choose to return a request to it, you’ll bear the expense of bring transporting back. The store will possibly assume liability if the justification returning the thing is plainly an error on its part.

In the wake of returning a thing you’ll not have any desire to stand by always to accept your discount, so the ideal genuine online store should deal with returns and issue discounts as quick as could really be expected. FragranceNet promotes that it takes 14 work days from receipt of the return bundle to deal with it. After that the discount is issue quickly, and how long it requires to think about your equilibrium will rely upon your monetary establishment. This could take another 3 – 7 work days.

Client service

The best online store ought to have a viable client care administration for dealing with clients’ objections and questions. This is on the grounds that it is an absolute necessity that specific clients will have issues with their orders, while there will be orders who’ll need answers to certain inquiries before they’ll focus on an online store.

FragranceNet does somewhat well in this sees as it upholds both the self improvement and the immediate contact support channels. For self improvement, you’ll discover numerous accommodating articles in the “Client care” page of its site, which additionally incorporate a FAQ. In these articles, you’ll discover answers to inquiries in such subjects as Shipping, returns and discounts, wellbeing, and then some.

On the off chance that you’ll rather contact a help rep of the organization, it two or three contact stations that include: postal mail, email support, Fax, Live Chat, and phone support.

For postal mail, you can send your letters to the Corporate Headquarters: Inc., 900 Grad Blvd. Deer Park, NY 11729. You can fax your letters utilizing (631) 582-8433. For the email administration, you can send your messages to [email protected]. Then again, you can send the organization a mail by finishing an online contact structure on the FragranceNet site. In filling the structure, you’ll present your email address, and you’ll get a reaction through email.

For the moment input stations of the phone and Live Chat, the assistance must be reached between the long stretches of 9:00 – 5:00 pm Eastern Time (Monday – Friday). The Live Chat highlight can be gotten to in the FragranceNet site, while the phone numbers to call are: 1-800-727-3867 (inside the US) and 631-582-5204 (outside the US). The US line is complementary, so you don’t have to stress over charges while getting help.

Locales Similar to FragranceNet:





FragranceNet as its name recommends bargains on aromas. It is a genuine US based retailer that sells brand name scents. It guarantees an incredible determination, and you’ll see that brands included reach from the greatest brands around to more dark ones. Be that as it may, FragranceNet is more than scents. It gives different items like Skincare, Makeup, Hair Care, Aromatherapy, and Candles.

The mission is to give you these brand name items at extraordinary costs; and FragranceNet satisfies this, as you’ll see that recorded costs could be off retail costs by as much as 80%. For its incredible determination, and extraordinary costs; FragranceNet is the go-to objective for some, individuals who’ll need to smell decent, or need their home to smell pleasant.

Notwithstanding, it boats to just 6 nations, which means it is inaccessible to numerous overall clients. In case no doubt about it “fortunate 6”, you’ll see that it has moderately low transportation rates. US clients can even get free transportation. Nonetheless, the conveyance might be late, as FragranceNet has a somewhat long request preparing time. Likewise, however you may discover the nature of your request to be extraordinary; you should realize that there are numerous reports quality objections, so you should keep your fingers crossed until it shows up and is tried.

In the event that you don’t care for your request, FragranceNet publicizes that it’ll joyfully take it back and issue a substitution or discount; and it offers a generally long window (30 days from receipt) for making any profits. In any case, since returns are dependent upon endorsement; the clients’ audits show that the endorsement is hard to get; and when gotten and the thing returned, getting discounted isn’t pretty much as smooth as clients will anticipate.


Offers brand name scents

Has a wide item range that incorporates Skincare, Makeup, Hair Care, Aromatherapy, and Candles

Costs offered are fundamentally lower than retail costs

Free delivery is offered (but accessible for just Ground Shipping to the US)

Least buy needed with the expectation of complimentary delivery is somewhat low (orders more than $59)

Somewhat long return window of (30 days from conveyance date)

Supports a scope of channels for reaching Support Service


A request once submitted can’t be adjusted or dropped

Boats to just the US and 5 different nations

Takes moderately long to handle orders causing somewhat late conveyances

Surveys have altogether enormous instances of low quality items (particularly issue of fragrance not enduring true to form)

Getting discounted might be troublesome

An excessive number of instances of helpless client assistance


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