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CoolCabanas Review | The World’s Best Beach Cabana

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Recently, I purchased a pop-up canopy tent to use on a beach vacation. Cool Cabanas UPF-50 Sunshade was recommended by a friend. It looked lightweight and a better option than my pop-up canopy tent. I did some online research to confirm this.
I bought the tent and took it with me on my vacation. Cool Cabanas UPF-50 Sunshade was easy to set up, and provides great stability if done correctly. Based on my experience, I decided to write a review. Let me start by reviewing the specs and some key features that make this portable beach umbrella stand out. Before I give my final verdict, I’ll tell you more about my experiences with the product and discuss the pros and cons. This review should help you decide if a pop-up beach canopy tent is right for you.


  • It weighs only 6 pounds, and 7 pounds inside the bag
  • When collapsed, measures only 99x12x12cm
  • Expanded, measures 2.85m (9ft5in) diagonally, 1.88m (6ft2in) to peak of roof and 1.56m (5ft2in) to edge of roof
  • Features UPF 50 cotton polyester canvas
  • 8 pockets measuring 16cm by 11cm
  • Available in a variety of colors and designs


Quick and easy setup

Cool Cabanas Sunshade should be easy to set up. The tent is easy to erect even in strong winds. It is easy to collapse it.
Strong Winds Can’t afflict Ruggedness

This tent can withstand any kind of weather. It should not be exposed for gale force winds. This tent was designed to be used on sunny, breezy days. Even on clear, beautiful days, it can still get windy so this was an important consideration. This was a positive experience and the tent exceeded my expectations. More details will follow.
Amazingly compact and light weight

You don’t have to walk a lot to reach the ideal spot. This sunshade won’t weigh you down and it is not too heavy.
My Experience with the Cool Cabanas UPF-50 Sunshade

When I say I went on “vacation” with my sunshade, it should be clarified that I drove up to the Oregon coast and stopped at one of my favorite beaches. The stunning scenery and solitude I find here is what I love. The Oregon coast can be windy, and I was one of them. It was a bit nerve-wracking to see how it would turn out.

Let’s back up. It wasn’t a long walk from my car to the place I set up. However, it would have been tiring if the sunshade was heavy. I was not even tired when I reached my destination, and didn’t have to stop or rest along the way. The sun shelter is lightweight at 6 pounds. Although it took me some time to understand what I was doing, the process of setting up the tent was very simple and didn’t take long.

The shade was so luxurious and I found the pockets to be very useful for keeping my phone and wallet safe from the sand. The wind was not too strong for most of my stay but it did get quite crazy at times. Each time I felt anxious, waiting for the sunshade collapse to fall, it held its own.

My Cool Cabanas Sunshade didn’t show any wear by the end of my trip. It was as simple as the original setup to pack it up and carry it back to my car.


  • This tent is easy to set up.
  • They are extremely useful.
  • This tent can withstand strong winds and will still hold up.
  • It’s compact enough to be carried by one person from site to site with no hassles.
  • There are so many colors and patterns to choose from. There are many options to choose from.


  • It is quite small. It isn’t a problem as I use it alone, but if you want to share it with friends, it might be a little cramped. It’s not ideal for standing.
  • The tent won’t protect your skin if the sun drops below a certain point in he sky, but that is the case with any style of tent, regardless of manufacturer.


Cool Cabanas UPF-50 Sunshade is a great choice for those who want to be comfortable and have great stability.

Are there any drawbacks to the Cool Cabanas? Yes. Yes. I would have accepted a little more height. The pop-up canopy tent design is not suitable for low sun.

Overall, I am very happy with the purchase of this tent. Although I have not yet tested the EasyGo Cabana 6×6 I am curious to compare them as they appear to be similar. It was easy to transport it from my home and set it up. It was sturdy even in strong winds and provided shade for me during the hottest, brightest hours of the day. Based on my experience with it, I believe it will work well as a long-term shade solution for the beach. It can also be recommended as a top-rated beach canopy by Cool Cabanas UPF-50 Sunshade.


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