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Design Your Own Shirt On Material You Like – PearUp/Bonfire Review

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About claims their mission is to connect groups and causes with local businesses and brands in order to raise the funds and sponsorship they need to reach their goals.

What is the process?, according to their website was founded with the aim of helping groups and events of all sizes to find the sponsorship they need in order to achieve their goals. Their website promises that they can find sponsors for your group in less than 60 seconds. They also have the ability to raise $1,000 to put towards custom apparel, cash donations and food and catering. is the newest member in a group that includes which creates custom apparel for groups events and which allows people to spread awareness and collect donations while also providing funds.

To get your group started, go to their website. You can choose whether you are looking to sponsor Custom Apparel or Donations. The next step is to create your Pear Page, which will let businesses and partners know about your organization and its needs.

The next step is to “rally your supporters” via your social media networks. This will get people to join your Pear Page. You can also score funding by connecting with your sponsor online. You will receive more funding if you have more supporters.

Price/Cost Plans

This website appears to be completely free for groups and teams looking for donations or connections with local businesses and sponsors. They don’t require their members to meet minimum goals nor do they take any part or percentage of donations given to them by sponsors.

Refund Policy

This company does not charge any fees or percentages to the sponsors and groups they work with. They also don’t offer any sort of refund policy. However, they do offer their groups the option to withdraw from their network or cancel funding.

Contact Customer Service doesn’t appear to have any public contact information at the moment. You can contact them via their various social media accounts and networks.


It appears that this company doesn’t have many reviews at the moment. This is likely due to them being a newer website, which has been added to teams.

Despite this, reviews are mostly from mothers with small children who participate in local sports leagues, which are often in dire need of sponsors to pay for uniforms and team management costs. These reviews are very positive. can be used for free. makes the apparel and any other fundraising opportunities go through Both of these websites do not charge fees.

Parents and local groups feel this partnership is beneficial. They still receive the products they need through sponsors, and allows them and their partners to make money while supporting good causes.
What are the Competitors and Alternatives to Your Company?

There are many websites that can be used to fund general fundraising, such as and However, not many sites dedicated to finding local sponsors.’s power comes from your local social networking platforms. This means that parents and community members interested in local sponsorship can easily use those platforms to reach out to them if they wish.

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