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Ancestral supplements: game-changers for your overall health, sleep, energy, and overall wellbeing

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Ancestral Supplements was a new discovery that I discovered recently.

After browsing Amazon’s website and reading the reviews of their products, I was compelled by Amazon to purchase them. I wanted to know if they could improve my energy, sleep, and overall wellbeing. Being a biohacker and long-time health enthusiast, I am constantly on the lookout to find the best products that will help me reach my goals. The great news is that I’m sleeping better and have more energy after trying Beef Liver in early February. They are great for my health, as well as for their philosophy, approach, customer service, and the way they treat people. Let me explain:


Although it might seem strange to examine the mindset of a supplement business, there was something that really grabbed me from the very first time I looked at their products and began to read their website. This quote spoke to me first:

“The human organism is extraordinarily adapted to an environment that doesn’t exist”

To borrow a common phrase, Folks, we’re “long way from Kansas”. You can imagine what your environment was like 300 years ago. It was hard and difficult back then.

While we enjoy many modern conveniences they also come with a steep price. We are constantly exposed to thousands of chemicals, pesticides and factory-farmed food as well as EMFs. These environmental inputs are unknown to us or have been prepared for by our ancestors.

If you didn’t notice, we don’t adapt well to these unnatural inputs.

All of this has led to an increase in auto immune diseases, diabetes and other crazy things such as SIBO, IBS and multiple chemical sensitivities. Everyone has some sort of gut, adrenal, thyroid or fatigue issue these days. The bottom line is that if you look at the rise in health conditions, it all comes down to environment and diet. My.02.

While I don’t wish to be bitter about modernity, I do want to draw attention to the contrast of a simpler time. This concept inspires me to connect with my roots, my tribe, nature, earth and mountains. It gives me hope because these products come from New Zealand, which is a cleaner environment than my semi-urban living environment. It also gives me a sense of connection to the past, which has been lost because of greed and a rush for money without considering the effects on human health.

You should also try Ancestral Supplements. Get out there. Walking barefoot, early morning sunlight exposure, turning off your phone a few hours before you go to bed is a good idea. You get it. Let this be a reminder to try something new and do small, free things to improve your health.

Muscle vs. Nose to Tail Organ Meats

Another thing I love about the company is their mindset and approach. Ancient cultures valued organs more than muscle meat. Working with my coach for health, one topic that came up many times was the importance of eating organs for good health and vitality. They were difficult to find for me. You can find Beef Liver or Marrow in your local grocery or health food shop. Store shelves are flooded with chicken breasts, steak, and other processed meat products. Even those that are more health-oriented and organic.

Famous dentist Weston Price travelled the world and consistently found that native cultures ate “nose to tail” diets which meant they ate organ meats not just muscle; see here for a list of Weston Price Foundation ways to prepare organ meets:

We need protein to survive, but we also need nutrients from the liver and other organs. Don’t give up your free-range chicken or beef. Instead, try adding these incredible organ meats to Ancestral Supplements. Or, if possible, finding organ meets in your area. You can also try US Wellness Meats.

“I believe that robust strength and exceptional health have been central to our existence for millions of years. Our ancestors were strong, fit, healthy, and lean. This is because, for the majority of human history we ingested (nose to tail) all that was necessary for our health and happiness.
Brian Johnson, founder, Ancestral Supplements


As mentioned above, their products are sourced entirely from New Zealand. This is much closer to the purity and tradition of our ancestors than where I live today. It is important to know where food/supplements come from. I am happy that their products are made from cattle raised in humane conditions in one of the most beautiful habitats on the planet. While NZ is not without its problems, you can Google Pollution in New Zealand. However, the best areas are still remarkable.

Are they as effective as they claim to be?

Although I have only been using it for a little more than a month, the results are already impressive. My sleep quality has improved tremendously. I’ve tried many sleep supplements, including Yogi Bedtime Tea and Sleep Remedy. The Oura Ring has been tracking my sleep for many years so I have a lot of data. My scores have risen from the mid 70s to the mid 80s (out of 100%). My sleep hacking efforts will be the topic of another article.

To be fair, there have been other changes in my health since I started using the Ancestral products. Mercola Whole House water filters were installed in my home along with a Greenfield Naturals quad Flow CMB whole-house water structuring unit. Both of these are incredible. The clean, energizing water is super refreshing and energizing. It is amazing to take a shower with clean, energizing water. Imagine clean, fresh water flowing from every faucet in your house. It’s been a game-changer.

To connect to the earth frequencies, I also placed several Greenfield Naturals personal harmonizers throughout my house. Yes, it is woo woo. But I have found that all of these things work.

Net net, I made significant changes around the time I started the Beef Liver in February. These included a whole house water filter unit and structuring unit. I added earth minerals to my home and on my bed stand (Greenfield Personal Harmizers).

What I found was that I saw even more energy improvements when I added Beef Morrow and Brain to my diet. My energy levels really began to improve when I started Beef Thyroid. Some days I didn’t even need a nap. I have been a habitual saunter for 20-30 minutes every day around 3:00 or 4. After taking (2) Beef Thyroid I was able to work all day, then go to a board meeting the next night. I was fine. This never happens. Never. Even after all the water filtering and energizing. This is how I know that the Ancestral Supplements work.

It doesn’t matter if the ancestral supplements or the enhance water, they both feel closer to nature. That is the point. The more I am “ancestral”, the happier I feel. That is the biggest point.


Another thing I notice is how calmer I feel in stressful situations. Although I’m not perfect, and can still get tense, on average I feel more Zen. It just seems so much easier. Although I still do Wim Hoff breathing and exercise, it is becoming easier for me to calmly respond. This unexpected benefit is especially helpful for me as my job can be extremely stressful.

Overall, I’m very happy with how the Ancestral Supplements are making me feel. I feel more rested and energetic. I feel more relaxed and at peace in my body. They are affordable enough to purchase their Beef Liver on Amazon. If you’re feeling adventurous, Beef Liver, Organs and Morrow are also options. These would be my top picks for where to start.

Grassfed Power

Adrenal and Beef Thyroid are extremely powerful, so it is important to start slowly and follow the instructions.

Pay attention to your body

As I have seen in my past experiences, too much thyroid support can quickly make you feel sick. This is only my second week on the Thyroid Support program and I’m still trying to figure out what works best for me.

How to get them:

Follow their instructions!

Particularly with Beef Thyroid, Adrenals. I am sensitive so I started with two Beef Livers and increased to six per day. I took (2) of them each day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I then added Beef Organs and Beef Brains to my diet in a similar way. Beef Thyroid is another matter. I recommend you take it slow and follow the instructions.

Adrenal: Start with 1/2 or 1 and then see what happens. It’s powerful stuff, and you shouldn’t overdo it.

Where to start:

Beef Liver, Beef Organs, Marrow, Brains, and Brains are great places to start. Liver and Organs are the best choice if you only have one or two.

Where to buy

Order directly through the Ancestral Supplements website. It is the only website where you can buy Beef Adrenal or Beef Thyroid.

You can pay it forward

Please leave a review on Amazon if you do end up purchasing the products. The company is small and reviews help spread the word. They are cool and deserving of your support, according to my correspondence with their co-founder.

This can be used to land the aircraft.
Because of the products and company, I’m super excited about them.

They are a source of inspiration and help us to live more in tune with our natural surroundings. We should all be striving to do more of the same: barefoot walking, early sunlight exposure, being out in nature, eating clean, including organ meats, as well as being with family and friends who care about one another.

b) Their products actually work. Look at the Amazon reviews, which average 4.5 stars or more. Enjoy the ride! Please leave comments.


Kelly is an award-winning contemporary romance writer , and a the 2015 Romance Writers of America(r) Golden Heart(r) Finalist. Her novels have earned praise and acknowledgement by Kirkus Reviews, Booklist, Library Journal (starred reviews), The Washington Post, Entertainment Weekly, and more. Book Riot included her debut book, Unbuttoning the CEO in their book list of the 100 Must-Read Romantic Comedies, and Booklist recently named the author "the new go-to author for fans of sassy and sexy contemporary romances." An ex- First Amendment and media lawyer, Kelly practiced for more than a decade before swapping the suits she wore for leisure wear (okay but these are sweatpants). She now tries to create fun and romantic stories of flawed characters who find their ideal match. Kelly reside in Maryland along with her spouse, two daughters and a sweet puppy who finally rests throughout the night. For more details about Kelly and her writing.

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